The One Simple Question that Will Help You Recongnize The Self You Were Born to Be?


How to recognize if we are acting from the self or not?

If we are acting from our healthy feminine and masculine energy?

If we are taking care of our inner child?

It can get quite overwhelming during our inner work process.

When we start to reconnect with the self and we get overwhelmed by all the information coming from the different approaches.

First, I like to see “the self” as qualities, it helps to define and separate our Self from all the different parts of us that were developed following our education.

As we were raised to be a certain way or we developed habits and ways of being from our environment growing up, it’s important when wanting to reconnect with the self to differentiate our education from the inner self you were born to be.

Here is How to Recongnize The Self:


Ask yourself this question: Who was I as a kid?

Find qualities, then you can separate them into two categories.

Masculine energy qualities and feminine energy qualities.

Some of our Feminine energy qualities are: being intuitive, receiver, unconditional lover, collaborative, nurturing, compassionate, empathetic, kind.

Some of our Masculine energy qualities are: being logical, practical, adventurous, loyal, efficient, assertive, focused, confident.

As a kid we already exhibit those qualities.

By the way, these energies are feminine and masculine but both women and men have qualities from the 2 polarities.

We were born exhibiting qualities from both feminine and masculine and our gender does not define which polarity you should be at your core.

Why doing this inner child quality exercise?

Because the qualities of the Self are at our core. They are part of our inner child.

You might have been raised to be a “tough boy” while you were more nurturing and intuitive, you might have heard ‘big boys don’t cry’ and then you might had no choice but to disconnect from the Self for survival purposes.

You had to mold yourself to be someone you are not authentically, to please your care provider and school system.

Same for a woman who is nurturing at her core but did not grow up with a healthy masculine figure.

She might have developed masculine qualities to compensate for the lack of good masculine role model.

She might have the belief that she needs to be more masculine than she really is at her core and then exhibit masculine traits in an unhealthy way.

Being too practical and lacking to be a good receiver could be a scenario in this exemple.

As we grow up, we get molded to survive in our environment and thats why it’s important to get to know our inner child qualities while wanting to reconnect with the authentic self.

Cassie is an entrepreneur, life & spiritual coach and she also studies psychology at University Laval. For a decade, Cassie had her own fashion brand until she started to struggle with her mental health. For years she was using alcohol, work and shopping as a way to distract herself from seeing and embodying who she really was at her core. Until she made the choice to finally choose herself and change behaviors for a healthier lifestyle. She is now an expert at healing the inner child and she helps her clients choose themselves just like she did to feel better from the inside out, mind, body and soul.