4 Biggest Causes of Premature Aging to Watch Out For


We have all experienced it: a sudden ache in the back, a wrinkle, a new slang term you do not understand.

These things make you wonder, “When did I begin to appear so old?”

That is when you come to the period that follows: the “How the hell then do I make it stop?” stage.

4 Biggest Causes of Premature Aging:

Biggest Causes of Premature Aging

1. The Exposure to Sun.

Do not get us wrong, though. Daily exposure to sunlight can have a number of positive effects on our physical and mental health, but we do not need much of it to reap the rewards.

10 minutes is more than enough to meet our required vitamin D intake.

Without using adequate sun protection, anything beyond tends to leave your skin in danger of early aging and even cancer.

Common signs of aging: Dark Spots, Paper thin Skin, and Loose Skin.

One of the very common misunderstandings is that contact with the sun just results in thick, leathery skin, yet the contrary can occasionally be true.

Our skin’s suppleness can be damaged by too much sun exposure, making it either thin like tissue paper or thick like leather.

In addition, UV rays can degrade the skin’s collagen proteins, creating drooping or saggy skin, and they can speed up the creation of melanin, which provides the skin with its pigment and results in dark age spots.


Sunblock. We know, it is not the most thrilling response, particularly with a skin care industry worth multi billion dollars but the best defense against sun damage and early aging is using sunblock and other forms of sun protection.

Incorporating skin protection into your morning ritual is the simplest method to ensure that you are doing so.

It can be simple to integrate since many creams and makeup items have a 35 or more sun protection factor (SPF). Even apparel is available with SPF ratings.

Just keep in mind to protect your hands, they are simple to overlook yet might be one of the first places to show signs of aging.

2. Smoking.

The WHO (World Health Organization) has estimated smoking to be the leading cause of preventable sickness, disability, and death.

While the health benefits alone should be sufficient to discourage smoking, it is unquestionably not a good way to delay aging.

Common symptoms of aging: Undereye Bags, Wrinkles, Sagging Skin, Yellowing or Graying of the Skin, Thinning Hair, and Stained Teeth.

In addition to reducing your skin’s suppleness and strength, smoking can also cause your blood vessels to constrict and reduce the amount of oxygen that reaches your skin, which results in wrinkled but also sagging skin.

Although we do not generally think of our hair follicles’ DNA as a living thing, smoking’s toxic chemicals can harm this DNA and cause hair to turn gray, recede, or fall out completely.

The most common tobacco related chemical, nicotine, is also to blame for discolored skin and teeth, giving off the appearance of being more yellow and older.


Just say no to smoking. That may be much simpler said than done for some people, but there are many tools available to assist people to kick the habit, such as the free smoking cessation program offered by MU Health Care.

Try to locate one or more that can support you and match your demands.

This does not differ from seeking help for any kind of addiction you develop because there are programs for most of them, even for the gambling addiction (in case you go from, say, stress free sports betting to compulsive gambling), with top offshore betting sites having their sites’ sections dedicated to this problem.

3. Loud Noise Exposure.

Long term exposure to loud stimuli is typically not something that a lot of people think about until they begin to see its detrimental impacts on their hearing.

Although these are typically the first things that come to mind when loud noises are mentioned, loud noises from vacuuming, movie theaters, lawnmowers, and boats should also be included.

Common sign of aging: Loss of Hearing.

Our ears’ tiny hair cells that transmit sound to our brains can be harmed by exposure to loud noise.

The fewer hairs we have, the poorer our hearing will be since once such hairs are broken, they cannot grow back.


When dealing with any prolonged decibels that are louder than a normal conversation, be cautious to protect your ears by donning earplugs or other protective equipment.

Before using headphones to listen to music, quickly check to determine whether the volume has become too high.

Keep your earphones far enough away from your ears as you can whilst music is playing.

It is too loud if you can still hear the music.

4. Stress.

Whether it is the more evident physical tension or the more subtly mental stress, stress has an interesting way of impacting our bodies.

Short term impacts of stress include an increase in your focus and energy.

When was the last occasion you had a pressing deadline to meet? Did your adrenaline rush help you do it?

Even while uncomfortable, occasional moments of stress are not harmful.

Chronic, long term stress can deplete our bodies and speed up the aging process.

Common signs of aging: Loss of Memory, an Aging Immune System, and Hypertension.

According to research, the hormones created by prolonged stress might weaken our immune systems and cause cognitive decline.

People who are under a lot of stress have greater rates of loss of memory and dementia, as well as more immune system cells that have been destroyed.

Stress can result in high blood pressure which increases your risk of developing heart disease as well as other disorders that are more common in older people.


Mindfulness is the key to stress management.

Regularly try to relax your thoughts by engaging in practices like meditation or yoga.

Reach out for assistance if you are feeling overburdened by your to do list, and designate the tasks that can be skipped.

Finding the positive in every circumstance is another technique to lessen stress.

You can do this by composing a list of, say, three items for which you are grateful or by finding a bright side to every dark idea you have.

Being social with friends, exercising, or just going outside for a walk are all excellent stress reduction techniques.

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