Loan Lending App Development: What You Need to Know About How to Create a Loan App?


The development of the loan lending app is a good solution for companies that issue loans online, and for their customers, who will be more convenient to take and return them.

In this article, we will tell you what a loan lending app is and how to develop it.

What You Need to Know About How to Create a Loan App?


What is a loan lending app?

A loan lending app is software to give loans online.

It should cover the full cycle of interaction with the client and have logical navigation: quick registration in the app, calculator to choose the amount and term, online decision making mechanism for loan disbursement, personal office with information about the user, loans, applications, and contracts, functionality for granting loans, interest accrual, and repayment, functionality for bonuses as well as delinquency management, scoring and business rules, integration with external services and APIs.

Stages of loan lending app development.

The creation of a loan lending app consists of the following stages:

Analytics and development of TOR.

Work on each loan lending app project starts with the creation of a concept. For this, a comprehensive analysis of your business, niche, and competitors is conducted. All this helps better understand the target audience and develop a strategy that will attract them. The data obtained is used to create the terms of reference for the app development. The TOR is discussed and changed until you are happy with the result. Once the TOR is approved, you sign a contract.


The fintech solution development begins with the creation of a UI and UX layout. This is the framework of the interface, which is based on the data of user behavior analytics. They determine the functionality and arrangement of interface elements with which loan lending app clients will interact.

UI design.

The application layout is developed by UI designers. Their job is to build a loan lending app interface that makes the application not only beautiful but also understandable and leads to targeted actions. They are the ones who think through the client’s path, add cues, automatically fill out forms, and much more. At the same time, they create the design of the loan lending app: using successful brand color combinations for elements, drawing graphic content, and so on.

Front end and back end development.

The technical part of developing a loan lending app depends on the platform on which you want to run it. If it’s Android, then the development is done in Java and Kotlin, and if iOS, then its native programming languages, Swift and Objective C. It is recommended to choose one of them if you want to work only with Ios or Android users or to run two applications. The third option is to write a cross platform program in Dart or Phyton using frameworks and publish it in two stores at once. Front end developers set up the interaction between the technical part of the application, back end, and the design layout.

Testing and publishing.

Before the loan lending app is launched, it is tested for stability and speed. During testing, bugs are found and fixed which may hinder the use of the application’s functions. After publication, you can fine tune the loan lending app, including fixing non critical bugs, as well as adding new pages, sections, and options. In most cases, it is more profitable to quickly launch an MVP, an application with a minimum of features needed to work, and gradually scale it up.


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What does the cost of the lending app depend on?

The price of loan lending app development depends on the complexity of the project (the number of pages and functions), and whether you will launch two native applications or one cross platform one.

There is also a regional difference in developers’ rates. For example, loan lending app development companies from Eastern Europe may charge half of the price of firms in the USA.

Loan lending app development is a complex task.

It includes creating a service not only for clients but also for the employees of the loan lending organization.

The former gets all the functionality for obtaining a loan, from the calculator to a personal account and a personal loyalty program.

The latter receives all the statistics, as well as tools to deal with arrears and encourage responsible borrowers.

The main thing is to find professionals who can cope with this task. Contact Perfsol now and create a loan lending app in the shortest possible time.

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