Spiritual Sovereignty: 3 Steps How to Reclaim Your Inner Power in a World Gone Mad


Dr. Dolores Fazzino, DNP, Nurse Practitioner, Medical Intuitive, Energy Whisperer.

Sovereignty, what is that?

It is the defining authority within an individual consciousness, and the power to do everything necessary to govern itself, complete independence, and authority. It is an independent path to becoming who you are, your true essence.

How many times have we given our power away to something outside of ourselves to determine our worth, abundance, or even our right to exist?

Maybe these have been subtle such as agreeing with another even though you do not agree, as to keep the peace. Or, very obvious, such as doing something out of fear, punishment, or retribution.

Spiritual Sovereignty is remembering who you are and why you are here on earth. It is reconnecting with the divine essence or energy of your soul.

3 Steps How to Reclaim Your Spiritual Sovereignty:


It seems counter to what many of us have experienced here on the earth plane. I believe part of my mission and journey on earth has been to reconnect with this aspect of myself.

Having lived through my unique journey here on earth, I have learned these three things that assisted me in becoming my independent authority.

1. Do what you can to raise your energetic vibration or frequency.

This can be done by doing mindful activities or anything that will get you out of your mind or head space and into your physical body.

Maybe going outdoors in nature, walking barefoot, listening to relaxing music, playing an instrument, cooking. Anything that makes you lose sense of time relaxes you. This is being in the present moment.

Meditation maybe another option.

The key to remember: it is not a one and done process.

Continue to do this regularly. Make it part of your daily routine. The more you are able to be in the moment, the easier it will be to stay there for longer periods of time.

Remember everything is energy, including our thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and our essence of who we are.

Work on your personal and spiritual growth, these are things that will raise your frequency and vibration.

As we raise our energetic vibration, we come in more alignment with ourselves. We attract situations that are a higher energetic resonance, because we become an energetic match to those situations.

The solution is very simple, yet us humans seem to complicate things more than is needed. It is about BEing more than DOing.

2. Take back your power.

This is where boundaries are essential.

Make the correct decisions for you, not on what society, your parents, spouse, siblings, employers, or anyone else thinks is the right thing for you.

I am sure we all have our moments where we did something that someone else projected what was right for you on to you and you lived to regret that decision. I know I have. 

Make choices based on what you are feeling and sensing, even though it may not be popular with others.

Through the ages, the paradigm of control and manipulation has been the norm to herd the masses. Thankfully, this is crumbling, and many are waking up and stepping into their personal power to regain control in their lives.

3. Trust yourself and your feelings.

Us humans are wired to sense and feel, it is our natural birth right. Yet, we have been born into a world where the opposite is true.

We are told not experience our emotions or feel, or are judged, criticized, or even abused for doing so.

We have been led to believe that this abuse of power, control, and manipulation is normal. It really is not normal at all.

This takes us away from our sovereignty.

Out of fear, some have given their power away to this, something on the outside of themselves, instead of taking their lead from their inner knowingness and wisdom.

Feel your feelings. These are energetic experiences that allow you to go deeper within yourself. You may even grow and heal as you explore these precious gifts.

Trust yourself. It is your intuition, your sovereignty reminding you of who you are. This is your inner wisdom guiding you from within. It does not exist outside of yourself, leading you to where you need to go.

It takes courage and being brave to trust yourself and unshakeable confidence, which you will step into as you continue to follow the above steps.

These are the secret sauce to reconnecting and keeping you in a sovereign space of yourself.

Are you ready to reclaim your personal power back?

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