Are You Looking for a New Passion? Try Any of These 6 Types of Hobbies!


Sometimes what you need most is to shake up the system.

You’re comfortable in your job, your relationship, etc. and nothing is really exciting you anymore. Well, that’s when you need a new hobby.

If that sounds like you, take a look at our top ideas for hobbies you can try.

6 Types of Hobbies You Should Try:


1. For the sports fan.

If you’re someone who likes to keep active, but you’ve found your mind straying while on the treadmill, perhaps wondering when you can get out of the gym, you might need something new to stimulate you.

There are the team sports out there, that will have you making new friends (and friendly rivals), like football, basketball, volleyball, tennis and more, but there are also solo options that just get you and yourself in touch with maybe nature but also yourself.

If that sounds preferable you can try trampolining, rock climbing, and golf.

If you were a mermaid in another life, you can look into scuba diving or cold water swimming, for a shock to the system that actually has a lot of benefits for the body.

2. For the music fan.

If you’re a big music fan, you can look into DJing, or even producing. It takes some tech, but it is worth it when you are making music you can say is yours.

Every night turns into a party when you have your own decks. The same way people get lost practicing their instruments, you can practice your scratching and relax with your instrument.

You can find the right DJ equipment here, and even take it out into the world if you like. There are plenty of events like parties and weddings that are looking for someone who can offer some fun remixes.

3. For the crafty fan.

If you’re a tinkerer, dabbling in the occasional crafty hobby, no doubt you’ll be looking to try something new.

It seems to be the connecting tissue of every crafty person to try something once and then want to try something new immediately.

Well, we have lots of ideas.

Look into pottery, needle work, or rug making, for something that you can display in your home.

Try a sewing class and start making your own clothes. Or even a cooking class for another practical application at home.

You can look into photography, to get your memories looking professional or learn how to spruce up your furniture so that you don’t spend all your savings on a revamp.

4. For the dancing fan.

If you love music, but you’re more about the need to making moves on the dancefloor, you might want to look into some dance classes.

There are loads to choose from, each giving you something a little different. Tango is all about passion, street dancing all about attitude, burlesque and pole about seduction. Each of them will give you a massive confidence boost the more you get involved.

Everyone can dance. We’re not about to say that The Chicken Dance isn’t epic, but there’s something self assuring about nailing the steps and feeling your confidence grow with every tap.

5. For the mindful fan.

Sometimes the best thing for the mind is to refocus.

You can help this along by creating a vision board. Find materials for your board and assign them to your goals. They can be motivational quotes, the deposit for a house or other event, or photos and doodles of what you want out of life.

Rip vacation ideas out of travel magazines, career goals out of specialist magazines, etc. Or draw anything you can’t find an image for in the tabloids.

You might want to look into meditation too. It can significantly improve anxiety and sleep and is a good way to stay calm if you need it. And the best part is that it’s free!

You can find audio guides on YouTube and a whole host of other apps, and once you get the hang of it you can do it without a guide.

And then there’s journaling. You can get every valid thought of yours down, making either for a simple place to get everything out, or a moment in time recorded for the future.

6. For the book fan.

Along the same lines, you can take those writing skills from the diary and the factual (subjective factual, but still factual) and apply them to the fictional.

Platforms like Wattpad are taking off for a reason. We’re not saying you have to open your work out to the public, but you can stretch your writing hand across a Word document and see what comes out.

A good way to start is with NaNoWriMo, which means National Novel Writing Month.

It typically takes place in November, but who’s going to stop you if you start now? The goal is 50,000 words until the month is up.

No editing, no worrying about structure. That’s a problem for next month. Instead, just write and see where you end up.

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