Negative Thoughts are Good for You?! Psychologists say they have a biological purpose…


Your mind is a supercomputer and negative thoughts have their own biological purpose that aims to give you what your psyche thinks it’s best for you.

How can negative thoughts be good for you? Let me explain…

What is a negative thought?

A thought that makes us feel bad, stressed, it paints a bad picture of the world we live in. A positive thought would be the opposite, it makes us feel hopeful, relaxed, good about the world.

If you are like the average human, your mind thinks negative thoughts 80% of the time. That’s just how we evolved.

But thoughts, just like emotions, are not against you. They are tools that your psyche uses to keep you safe and maintain your wellbeing.

Negative Thoughts Have Their Own Biological Purpose:


Thoughts and Emotions.

Thoughts promote emotions. The kind of thoughts you think, those kinds of emotions you’ll feel.

If you think “my back hurts a little bit, am I sick? What if I have the virus?! I can’t leave work right now I will not meet the deadline!” you will immediately start feeling worried, stressed, and tensed.

The kind of emotions you feel every day, that’s the state of being you will live your life through, the kind of world you will experience.

But the feedback between the mind and the heart goes both ways.

The kind of emotions you feel, those kinds of thoughts you will think. The kind of thoughts you think is the type of details you perceive from the world around you.

If you feel anxious, you will think anxious thoughts. “What if my boss doesn’t like me.”, “What if there is WW3?”, “What if I get sick?”, “What if my parents get sick?”, “What if my partner doesn’t really love me?”, “What if…” They will multiply in an anxious spiral.

And you will subconsciously start focusing on such details: the one thing your boss kind of didn’t like, the news on TV, your throat being a little bit soar, your father sounding a little strange on the phone, your partner not calling you back immediately…

And from those details, you will construct the world you live in. You will paint a picture about the world based on your anxious assumptions, even though you don’t really know, you assume.

At the center of both, between your heart and your mind, the one thing that determines what your mind will think and what your heart will feel, is the kind of state you embody. What kind of vibration are you maintaining? What are you keeping stored within your nervous system?

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The role of trauma.

People who have experienced some kind of trauma (that’s all of us) and haven’t released it from their system, are operated by it. Unconsciously they are pushed around like puppets by this energy.

Trauma is not the event itself. Trauma is the overwhelming emotion stored within your nervous system that was left unprocessed because of the event. It’s that surge of energy stuck within.

Trauma is very subjective. What’s “not a big deal” for someone can be traumatic for someone else.

Unprocessed emotions you pick up during the day also pile up within your system and weigh heavy on the vibration that you carry.

Trauma makes you live in a world where you need to be always on guard. You always need to be tensed, ready for a fight so to say.

Any emotion of relaxation and peace that you feel for a long period of time, starts to feel unsafe to you, even happiness. You start to think that something bad might happen when you feel happy for longer than usual.

That’s exactly how trauma plays.

Your mind creates a negative thought to arouse certain emotions and chemicals within you that make you feel stressed and tensed. Why? Because that’s what feels safe and familiar to you.

Your psyche wants what’s best for you, according to your beliefs.

The negative thoughts just serve this purpose.

If you evolved in a world where being stressed and tensed meant a greater chance of survival, that’s what your psyche wants for you.

If trauma makes you feel unsafe when you are putting your guard down, your psyche will use negative thoughts to make you pick it up.

According to your psyche, according to your nervous system, it’s for your own good.

Don’t fight the thoughts.

Fighting with your mind is an endless battle.

Forcing yourself to think positive thoughts is just a momentary solution. You are always being dragged back down by everything that’s stuck within your nervous system.

The thoughts and emotions are just serving their purpose. They are not your enemies. In fact, nothing is your enemy, it’s just that you haven’t had good emotional hygiene for a long time.

Your system is full of dirt that’s hijacking your mind and thinking thoughts for you to keep you in the state where that dirt can exist.

How to fix that problem?

Release the dirt.

Release the pent up energy. Deal with the trauma.

If you need help doing that, please write me a message at [email protected] and we will see how we can be of service to you and help you.

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