10 Ways How An MBA Assists Women In Obtaining C-Suite Positions?


It’s the 21st century, and women are struggling to bolster their representation in the business industry.

A survey from last year indicates that merely 8.2% of Fortune 500 companies have female CEOs. But even they encounter chauvinism frequently as women have to overcome more struggles to obtain any C-suite positions in modern day business organizations.

Experts have been asking this essential question: “How do women achieve higher positions in the business industry?”

What can a woman do to attain a C-suite place in a company? We believe that getting a degree in business administration can help females climb the ladder of success and become prominent business leaders.

Let’s explain the benefits of an MBA.

Why Should Women Pursue An MBA For Leadership Positions?

More women have realized how getting an MBA increases their chances to attain C-suite positions in the most prestigious of all American business associations.

In 2011, Forté writes, not just one third of our MBA students were females. However, over 40% of students enrolling in MBA programs were women in 2021!

We need more women in C-suite positions because female executives drive innovation and show better returns.

Also, we’ve seen that people consider companies led by women more considerate and purpose driven.

Studies have indicated that female CEOs are more resilient and inspiring than male counterparts. And getting an MBA can help these women become leaders of business tomorrow.

10 Ways How An MBA Assists Women In Obtaining High Positions:


1. You can study online.

Personal or domestic obligations prevent many women from pursuing higher education. They can’t pursue their dreams because they don’t have to continue learning.

Well, distance learning can help you earn a degree digitally.

You can now pursue an Online General MBA Program to finish your degree in less than a year.

This versatile educational qualification helps working women obtain jobs of their choosing by studying from home.

That’s why we suggest more women learn digitally today.

2. You establish powerful connections.

Whether you’re attending online classes or physically joining an institution, you can establish pretty strong connections with people.

Obtaining a business administration degree enables women to build rapport with like minded students.

Maybe some of your female classmates make it to C-suite positions. You can leverage these connections to rise in ranks quickly!

This degree also helps women hone their networking capabilities to establish connections in the company.

3. You become self confident.

Gender inequality often makes women hesitant about their future in a company.

But an MBA allows female students to become confident about their future in any business organization.

They can learn how to handle colleagues and superiors. They find out how to report discrimination and harassment as a business administration degree surrounds every business aspect.

So, women don’t have to “fake” feeling powerful anymore since education makes them genuinely confident in 2022.

4. You earn people’s respect.

Do educated women intimidate men?

Scientific research has rejected this misconception. But it’s correct that educated men and women are deeply respected in society.

Obtaining an MBA helps women to earn the respect of their peers. This education makes you turn heads whenever you’re presenting an idea.

Your proposals are considered with respect and admiration.

Your coworkers will have to listen to what a strong, educated, and independent woman says regarding business issues.

5. You’ll get a job quickly.

Your journey to C-suite begins with landing an employment position in business companies.

How to obtain a lucrative occupation in any industry today?

A 2020 GMAC survey found that 90% of Fortune 500 companies planned to recruit recent MBA graduates.

Earning your MBA seems perfect for a woman willing to obtain a C-suite position.

Business schools are hiring female applicants today.

It seems like an appropriate environment for women who wish to quickly climb the ladder of success.

6. You can expand your career.

An MBA doesn’t merely increase your chances of becoming employed quickly.

But it ascertains as well that you have enough career advancement opportunities.

Studies show that female degree holders are favored for employment opportunities across the business industry.

Therefore, women can gain C-suite positions by earning a graduate business degree today.

The education you shall receive helps you prove yourself eligible for a promotion. You’ll gradually make it up to the top of the ladder.

7. You gain valuable skills.

This degree teaches you the qualities they’re looking for in board members nowadays.

Thus, today’s women enrolled in business administration programs acquire critical “soft skills” such as critical thinking, problem solving, and effective communication. They gain financial expertise and business know how to serve as future leaders.

Female leaders shouldn’t neglect the value of an MBA in today’s competitive atmosphere as it shows them how to make data driven decisions.

8. You learn about leadership.

If you aim to be a leader there are few abilities you should try to learn. One of these abilities of course, is leadership!

You can learn about how to become an effective leader and manager when you’re studying business administration, probably online.

This degree shows you how to manage an intricate group of subordinates and motivate them to become more productive.

We need women to obtain more leadership positions in companies. The C-suite welcomes female workers who have recently obtained an MBA. That’s how you become eligible to serve as an executive in the company.

9. You earn a good salary.

A handsome salary ensures that women are sufficiently motivated to pursue their dreams and earn a C-suite position.

Surveys from last year show that post MBA women workers made $147,000+ that remains thousands of dollars lower than what post MBA male workers made.

However, this earning empowers business graduates among women to encounter every challenge and rise against all odds. That’s how your chances to gain a C-suite position easily can only become more apparent in 2022.

10. You make companies more profitable.

Gender equality discourses have indicated that women possess a matchless creative potential unrivaled by their male counterparts.

Companies today aren’t only motivated to recruit women due to feminist tendencies.

It’s been observed that the inclusion of women in C-suite positions can lead to companies enhancing their overall profitability.

A McKinsey survey has found that companies with women on their boards can gain a higher ROI than companies with a male only board of members.

What you should remember?

Women are inadequately represented in the business industry, especially C-suite positions. Hence, we learned that 25% of females possessed five major C-suite positions in 2019.

So, what should women do to obtain more C-suite ranks today?

We’ve explained some major benefits of earning an MBA degree for businesswomen in 2022.

You earn some valuable skills that help you succeed in the business industry. A business degree makes you more valuable to employers, thereby increasing your worth before them. An MBA qualification helps you expand your career, earn a handsome salary, and realize your potential for leadership qualities.

That’s why more women should pursue business administration degrees in 2022.

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