Here’s How Cannabis and Delta 8 products are different from (and similar to) one another?


Delta 8 has been popping up in the news lately for quite some time.

If you are a cannabis user, you must be aware of such a product in the market. So, what is Delta 8, and how is it different from Cannabis?

Just Cannabis Store in Canada caters to consumers looking for Delta 8 and Cannabis products. It also aims to clarify to people what the difference really is. Let us look at the factors that make them different, yet so similar. 

How Cannabis and Delta 8 Products are Different:


The cannabis plant is a hub of a variety of chemical entities. We refer to these chemicals as Cannabinoids. Among these Cannabinoids, the delta 9 and delta 8 forms are popular among cannabis users.

The Delta 9 form is the natural psychoactive component of Cannabis, THC.

Doctors say that the Delta 9 form is the well researched compound of Cannabis and is responsible for the toxic effects of Cannabis.

Delta 8 THC, commonly referred to as Delta 8, is an isomer of Delta 9. It means that they are similar in structure but differ in their functionality.

So, what makes Delta 8 unique?

The effects of Delta 8 are much milder than that of Delta 9.

You might have to consume larger doses of Delta 8 to experience the level of high that Delta 9 gives.

Delta 8 can be an effective alternative for Cannabis.

People who go for Delta 8 are the ones who live in countries where Cannabis isn’t legal.

Another difference between Delta 8 and Cannabis is how we derive them.

We get Delta 8 from the hemp plant. Breaking the myth, Hemp and Marijuana are not different species of plants. The only point of difference is the levels of THC that each contains.

Another reason for the surging popularity of Cannabis is its compound cannabinoid.

Cannabis users are constantly on the lookout for new and innovative Cannabis derived products. Apart from being an excellent euphoriant, the cannabis plant has several medical benefits.

Let us look at how Cannabis and Delta 8 can benefit your health.

What are The Health Benefits of Cannabis:

The cannabis industry has been expanding since the legalization of hemp farming. The various forms of CBD are all beneficial when consumed in regulated dosages. Cannabinoid in Cannabis is responsible for the health effects.

Some health effects of Cannabis include:

1. Relief from pain and inflammation.

CBD has a chemical constitution that produces pain and inflammation relieving effects. Our body constitutes a specialized network of receptors known as the Endocannabinoid system.

The endocannabinoid system is responsible for several functions like regulation of lipid synthesis.

Cannabinoids interact with the endocannabinoid system and produce pain relieving effects. Also, CBD has anti inflammatory properties that make it ideal for assisting treatments.

Many cancer patients suffer from unbearable pain during treatment. Most of this pain is due to inflammation and congestion of internal organs.

Studies show that cannabis can improve the symptoms of cancer. Cannabis’s anti inflammatory properties can help reduce pain caused due to inflammation and nerve damage.

2. Relief from anxiety and mental health issues.

People from all over the world suffer from anxiety and other mental health issues.

It has mood lifting properties that make it ideal for people with chronic mental health issues. Marijuana can produce feelings of euphoria and pleasure. Using it in a regulated manner can provide temporary relief from depression.

By relieving mental health issues, Cannabis can improve the quality of sleep. People with insomnia can use Cannabis to reduce sleep cycle problems.

3. Weight management.

Cannabis has been in use for managing weight for quite some time now. Cannabinoids bind to receptors of the endocannabinoid system. The system is responsible for functions like regulation of metabolism and lipid synthesis.

Consuming Cannabis can thus have positive effects on your body weight.

Cannabis can help diabetic people by regulating blood sugar levels. It also improves the symptoms of insulin resistance.

4. Reducing seizures and other benefits.

Cannabis has other benefits like reducing seizures. It can help with disorders like PTSD and social anxiety disorder.

Did you know that Cannabis can improve your bone health as well? Research has found that CBD can increase bone density and prevent fractures.

How The Effects of Cannabis are Similar to That of Delta 8:

Often referred to as “marijuana lite”, Delta 8 has marijuana like effects. As we know, the delta 8 form of THC gets the user high but not as much as Delta 9. When we talk about THC, we generally refer to Delta 9.

While the other compound of hemp, CBD, is non psychoactive, Delta 8 produces a milder high.

Delta 8 binds to both CB1 and CB2 receptors and produces euphoric effects. Other than this, it also has notable health effects.

Some common effects of Delta 8 include:

Relief from pain.

Alleviation of anxiety and depression.

Relief from nausea.

Stimulation of appetite.

While the government allows CBD products to contain less than only 0.3 percent THC, as we derive delta 8 from hemp, it is legal in many states across the globe.

The only difference between Delta 9 and Delta 8 is the intensity of effects each has on the user.

The difference is due to the double bond present between the carbon atoms.

How do we derive delta 8?

The derivation process of delta 8 is quite similar to that of delta 9.

While deriving, we get compounds other than delta 8.

We get most delta 8 products by processing hemp derived cannabidiol. It is because delta 8 is present in small amounts in the hemp plant.

What You Should Remember?

Though delta 8 is healthy, there are still a few things that you need to know.

Delta 8 can cause severe side effects when taken in higher dosages.

Some of the side effects of overconsuming delta 8 include: Increased rate of palpitation, Anxiety and lack of mental clarity, Reduced appetite and gastrointestinal issues, Dry mouth and cough.

To avoid this, one should consult a physician or a professional before consuming delta 8 for medicinal purposes.

Check for the legality status in your region before buying delta 8 products. Checking the product right and going for a third party lab test can help.

Keep in mind that we do not advise or promote the usage of CBD or cannabis in any type or form. We are just sharing information that some readers might find helpful. It’s always the smartest decision to consult with your doctor before making an important decision for your health.

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