The 5 Best Ways Parents Can Help Their Kids Handle Stress


While adults are very familiar with feeling stress in their lives, children don’t always get the same attention.

The fact is that they can feel just as much stress as adults and they can have a very difficult time expressing it and coping with it.

Stress can weigh very heavily on them, resulting in negative effects that can be hard to turn around.

This is exactly why it’s so important for parents to be aware of how their child is feeling if they are going through stress, and to know when and how to help them.

Here’s a look at five ways parents can help kids handle their stress, keeping in mind that you want to act as early as possible.

5 Best Ways Parents Can Help Their Kids with Stress:


1. Talk to Them About What You Are Seeing.

Not every child will be able to recognize that what they are feeling is stress, nor will they necessarily feel comfortable talking about it.

This is when it’s your job to acknowledge it and bring it up.

Ensure your child feels safe and comfortable talking to you and let them know they can be honest and tell you anything.

You must come across as sympathetic and caring, since they need to know you are a “safe space” and that they can open up.

Keep in mind they may just need someone to listen to them.

Venting and sharing feelings can be a huge stress relief all on its own.

2. Discuss What Stress Is and What It Can Do.

Your child may also be under the false impression that stress is just a fact of life and they need to accept it.

Let them know that stress isn’t healthy and takes a toll emotionally and physically.

It’s important to hammer home the importance of stress management and coping techniques.

3. Provide Help with Their Studies If Needed.

One of the biggest sources of stress in a child’s life is school.

Their studies can be very in depth and overwhelming, making it hard for some kids to keep up and get good marks.

If your child is having problems with school, there is a really simple solution, help them.

Online practice tests and video courses are ideal for students preparing for CEM SELECT, CAT, ISEB PRETEST and UKiset competitive examinations.

These practice tests and videos are known to be highly accurate, preparing your child for whatever awaits.

This kind of help can result in the competitive edge your child needs.

4. Lighten Their Load Where Possible.

If their stress has to do with feeling stretched too thin and they have too much on their plate, this would be a good time to lighten their load.

Maybe they have too many extra curricular activities, not enough time for homework, too many chores at home, and so forth.

Any way that you lessen their list of responsibilities can be helpful.

5. Highlight the Importance of Downtime.

This ties in with the next tip which is to highlight the importance of downtime.

Downtime means there is nothing they need or have to be doing at that moment, they can just relax.

Some of the best ways to enjoy downtime can include: Reading, Hanging out with friends, Listening to music, Watching the television, Painting or drawing, Enjoying outdoor time, Sports.

If they don’t have a hobby, encourage them to find one and this can be what they pursue in their downtime.

If your child is displaying the signs of stress, it’s important to recognize these signs, discuss them and find ways to eliminate or at least lessen the load.

Stress will take a huge toll if left unchecked, so it’s never a healthy option.

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