The 5 Vaping Success Secrets Of Seasoned Pros


When it comes to cannabis consumption methods, vaping emerges as one of the most popular options.

It is ideal for consumers who prefer inhalation since it is a safer alternative to smoking. Apart from delivering clean and toxin free clouds, vaping promises excellent flavor and aroma.

Not to mention, you have the option to experiment with myriad flavors of e juices.

But it is only one side of the picture because you need to do everything right to avail of the extensive benefits of this method.

Here are the vaping success secrets of seasoned pros to help you get the best from your sessions.

The 5 Vaping Success Secrets Of Pros:


1. Know your ratios.

Finding a perfect e juice that matches your expectations is not a mean feat.

Experts recommend learning the basics of your PG to VG ratio to get the best product that matches your preferences.

High VG liquids are ideal if you want thicker clouds and smoother sensations during your sessions.

Conversely, you can opt for lower VG options if you want better flavor delivery and throat hit.

2. Experiment with E liquids.

While you may expect to nail the perfect E liquid after some hit and trial, do not settle for only one product throughout your vaping journey.

Be open to experimentation with different flavors and ratios.

You can always find better options or even consider graduating to stronger juices as you move up the ladder.

The best thing about being a vaper is that you have endless options to try.

3. Switch equipment.

Pros appreciate experimentation and think beyond trying different E liquids.

Consider switching to advanced vaping kits because there is always something better around the corner.

You can find a device with better features and longer battery life, ensuring better experiences down the line.

Do not skimp just because of the price as an advanced device can make an excellent investment that can last for a lifetime.

4. Keep cleaning.

Not many pros will tell you about the significance of a consistent cleaning routine, but it can actually make or break your experience.

Regular tank and vaporizer maintenance enhance the quality of flavor and clouds.

But there is much more you get by investing in a cleaning routine.

It ensures clean smoke that keeps your lungs happy and healthy.

Moreover, your device lasts longer and runs better if you take good care.

5. Avoid vaper’s tongue.

Another secret that every pro swears by is to avoid a vaper’s tongue.

The last thing you will want to encounter is to lose your sense of taste only because you stick with the same flavors year after year.

Combating a vaper’s tongue is as simple as switching up your E juice flavors once in a while.

Staying hydrated also helps, so make sure you have a bottle at hand when you sit for your next session.

What You Should Remember?

These easy secrets take you close to perfection with your vaping experiences.

You need not do much to integrate them into your routine.

The final piece of advice is to relax and have fun.

And note that we are not advising vaping. In our opinion you should take control over your habits and implement ones that are healthy for you and constructive for your character. Stay healthy and stay safe.

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