4 Steps How to Become a Certified Life Coach in West Virginia


Mostly known as the mountain state, from West Virginia’s historical Harpers Ferry to rough Appalachian mountain trails, West Virginia is a thrilling place to live, and also work as a life coach.

With industries like automotive, aerospace, energy, serving as main economic drivers in the state, there’s a good market for life coaching. Life coaching methods transform the way those industries operate to increase productivity and nurture a creative work culture.

West Virginia is home to over 40 higher academic institutions and therefore has a market for Academic Coaches. If you are passionate about helping people meet their individual goals, then life coaching can be the ideal career for you.

Life coaches are individuals trained to offer services to people that want to improve something in their lives. They usually improve something, be it their career, well being, relationships, and other areas.

Regardless of the level of your current life coaching journey, West Virginia offers so many opportunities for getting started.

4 Steps How to Become a Certified Life Coach:


To become a life coach, you must initially graduate from high school or acquire your GED. Afterward, to learn life coaching skills, you need to enroll in a program specializing in the field.

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) has accredited schools across West Virginia which offer life coaching training programs. Once you’ve completed your training, you must pursue certification from an authority like ICF.

Ultimately, you’ll have to set up a business classification. That procedure differs by state. It usually includes things like filing articles of organization, getting a business license, and paying applicable fees.

Furthermore, it includes getting coverage for your business which is something that is required by law in West Virginia (especially workers comp and commercial auto insurance), registering your business name, opening financial accounts, and so on.

1. Choose Your Niche.

Coaching is a broad field, so life coaching professionals have plenty of niches to choose from. That will help you market your services to a certain type of clientele. Plus, it provides your clients confidence that you have expertise in helping individuals with their unique challenges.

Some of the areas you can specialize in include: Career transition and job search, Business, Academic issues, Romantic relationships, Spirituality, Work and life balance or General wellness.

2. Complete a Training Program.

There are many schools offering life coaching programs in West Virginia, so how do you know which one to choose? The best rule of thumb is to pick a school that is accredited by the ICF.

By doing so, you’ll know you’ll be learning all that it takes to obtain certification from the ICF. Nowadays, plenty of schools that provide life coach programs are available online as well.

3. Get Your Credential.

When you complete your training program, you can apply for certification. Credentials provided by associations like the ICF require skills and proof of high work standards. ICF offers several levels of certification:

1. Beginners are able to earn their Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential with completion of 60 hours of learning and 100 hours of life coaching experience.

2. Professional Certified Coaches (PCC) have to show at least 125 hours of learning and 500 hours of experience.

3. More advanced life coaches are able to choose to become Master Certified Coaches (MCCs). That credential requires 200 hours of studying and at least 2500 hours of coaching experience.

4. Get to Work.

Spreading the word out is crucial for every business, especially in its initial stages. Placing advertisements in targeted publications will help you gain the exposure you need to boost your business.

You must also attend networking events adapted to your niche. That will allow you to meet the types of audience you want to work with.

Sharing positive feedback from clientele will also help you gain the trust of potential customers.

Therefore, always ask your regular customers to write their testimonials on your website or other advertising materials.

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Life Coaching Figures in West Virginia:

It’s challenging to get clear employment statistics and life coach salaries by city in West Virginia because the Bureau of Labor Statistics doesn’t collect accurate data for this profession.

However, according to Ziprecruiter.com, as of Oct 25, 2021, the average annual pay for a Life Coach in West Virginia is $51,708 a year.

In addition, Ziprecruiter.com says that the life coach workforce in the state is very active with Parkersburg as the top highest city for life coaching.

What You Should Remember?

Usually, life coaches are self employed.

But, some also work for large corporations like residential communities which offer wellness services to clients or their employees.

However, in West Virginia where the life coaching business is fruitful, you should consider starting your own business as a life coach.

So if you are a beginner life coach follow the 4 steps in this article and you will be on the right path of your coaching journey.

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