The Top 6 Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents


Competition between real estate agents can be fierce.

If you want to stand out from the crowded field, you have to market your services effectively.

Keep reading to learn how real estate agents can attract more potential buyers and sellers.

Top 6 Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents:


1. Use Zillow.

Any Realtor these days knows about Zillow, but are you advertising on it? Zillow is one of the most popular resources for buyers who are looking at properties.

It’s estimated Zillow had 196 MILLION unique visitors in 2019, so yeah… make sure you’re on Zillow! After you’ve studied for and passed your real estate exam, create a Zillow profile and ask your former clients to give you a testimonial.

If you take the time to create a detailed profile with reviews, you might be surprised by how many contacts you’ll get! You can also pay for advertising on Zillow once your business is up and running.

2. Offer Home Valuation Services.

Remember to include a page about home valuations on your agent website. Experience shows that people love to get information for free.

So if you offer to give homeowners free information about the value of their property, they’re more likely to return to you when they are ready to sell.

You can do an instant valuation that relies on algorithms to provide a rough estimate based on other properties in the area.

Or you might do a delayed valuation, in which you review the property in person in order to come up with an estimate.

3. Focus on Your Brand.

Getting leads from Zillow and Trulia is fine. But you can generate a lot of business over time if you direct some thought and energy toward developing your real estate agent brand.

The National Association of REALTORS states that 80% of agents who make at least $150,000 a year run their own websites. This is aside from the site their broker may give them for free.

Your brand will shape what your website looks like, how you design your marketing materials, and the kinds of real estate transactions you focus on.

4. Make Your Website Mobile Friendly.

Did you know that mobile devices are used for almost 50% of total web views every year? Thus, it’s vital that your site may be easily viewed on Android and iPhone devices.

If you don’t optimize your site for viewing on mobile, that could devastate your business. Research shows that 60% of Internet users won’t go back to a site on their phone if it isn’t built for mobile.

5. Remember Linkedin.

A Realtor who wants to promote him or herself on social media should always maintain a detailed Linkedin account. This site is different from Facebook and Instagram, but it’s a powerful way to get your name out there as a professional and build your business.

Linkedin is where you can exhibit your real estate skills and knowledge.

You can bet that most potential clients will at least take a glance at your Linkedin profile before they contact you, they’ll check out your experience in property sales and your endorsements.

When you build your profile, it’s vital to ask your past clients and coworkers to supply testimonials and endorsements. If they do, this will pay off over time as you gain more real estate leads from your Linkedin profile.

6. Invest In Visuals.

Social media is vital for real estate agents today. You’ll need yours to include outstanding, high quality photos to attract buyers and sellers.

The more fantastic images you have of houses you sell, the more leads you’ll get through social media.

To stand out from other agents, you have to market aggressively. If you lean on the strategies above, you will gain more leads, and your income and reputation will soar.

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