The 3 Business Skills You Should Develop to Become a Better Human


There are 3 business skills you can train and develop that will not just help you move forward in your career but they will also make you a better human being.

We don’t often think of business and self help as one and the same, yet, from my experience, and almost anyone who went through a real work with their coach, developing your business skills makes you a better human being.

And the other way around, working on your self helps you to grow your business and reach higher levels.

There are certain business skills, 3 to be specific, that if you work on yourself to develop the results will show benefits in almost every aspect of your life.

What are those?

3 Business Skills to Become a Better Human:


1. Leadership.

When we talk about leadership people often associate it as a skill only for those who are at the top of the hierarchy.

But that’s far from the truth as leadership is something we all posses. It’s a skill that remains dormant in all of us, we just need to train it like a muscle and develop it.

You might not be a leader at your cubicle, you have a boss and that’s completely ok, you should follow them if their journey resonates with you. A big rule of leadership is that we first need to learn how to follow so we are able to lead. Every great leader is also a great follower.

But even though you are not the leader there, you might need to be a leader in your relationship, in your family, or with your friends…

When you develop your leadership skills it will benefit almost any aspect of your life as you will know when to follow, but also how to take the lead when necessary.

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2. Sales.

No matter what kind of business you have, sales is a skill that every business owner must know.

But sales is not just about learning how to close clients, it’s not just about making profit by selling a product or a service. It’s much more.

The core of sales is to understand the core needs of the other person and to help them realize how your product or service can help them solve those problems. It’s about empathy, it’s about learning how to listen and how to guide people to make better choices.

It’s the art of helping others overcome their mental obstacles that prevent them from making any change.

You don’t force people to buy, you help them realize why what you are offering can help or even save their life. It’s about learning to present your value in an honest and direct way so others would want to reciprocate.

And if they don’t, if your product or service is not a good fit for them, it’s you who first sets the boundary and stops the transaction from happening. Because you don’t just want to sell you want the customer’s problem to be solved.

Developing your sales skill will overlay in every aspect of your life. You will be more confident, assertive and empathetic to other people. You will have no shame to stand by your value and it will make other people to notice you more.

3. Networking.

If somebody asks you “what is business?” what will be your answer?

The answer to the question is that business are the structure of connections between people, the system, the network behind the operations.

Things in the world change. There are new technologies showing up, old ways of operating being replaced, whole tasks being automated, physical business are moving online and online businesses are expannding.

The products are evolving, the services are upgrading, there is new software making things easier, the algorithm is continuously updating and social media’s reach fluctuates.

But the one thing that stays the same, the core of each business is the value it provides and the systems, the network behind it. The relationships of people contributing to reach the same goals.

That core adapts to every change.

But in order to develop a solid foundation of your business you have to develop your networking skill.

You have to know where to find the right people, how to approach them, how to build a relationship with them, how to offer value and how to help each other benefit.

Developing your networking skill will help you in your life to expand your circle of friends, to strengthen your relationships, to climb your social circle and to live a more epic life.

What you should remember?

Business skills are the same self improvement skills just targeted for a specific cause.

But no matter what you work on, developing your character or your business skills, both will mutually benefit.

No matter if it’s leadership, sales, or networking, whatever of these 3 most important business skills you develop, almost every aspect of your life will benefit.

So pick one and start today.

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