5 Big Reasons Why Clinical Research is Important Now More Than Ever


Societal progression comes from a fair deal of trial and error.

Without learning from our mistakes, we might never have made it this far.

If Joseph Lister hadn’t run tests on what would eventually become modern day anti septic, millions of people over the last 150 years would have died of infection and Gangrene.

Sometimes we forget that things we take for granted in society are products of years of research and development.

From the toothpaste you use to the processed food you eat, research has made it all possible.

However, there is one industry that has benefitted the most from research, the healthcare industry.

The healthcare industry would not have progressed to its current level without testing the latest drugs, therapeutic practices, and new diseases, viruses tests.

With the pandemic still looming over our heads, we need research now more than ever.

This article will talk about research in general and why it is so crucial in modern times.

5 Big Reasons Why Clinical Research is Important:


1. Without clinical research, we wouldn’t have learned about the coronavirus.

The pandemic has left a bitter taste in everyone’s mouth.

However, things would be considerably worse if clinicians and researchers didn’t act fast to understand the virus.

Clinicians worked tirelessly to understand the biology of the Coronavirus and educate the public on their findings.

Moreover, millions of people saw the dire need for research and chose to opt for a career in clinical research after the recent pandemic.

With the prevalence of remote education, thousands of people were seen pursuing a masters in clinical research degree to lend a helping hand and contribute towards reducing the effects of the coronavirus.

Findings suggest that since the pandemic is likely to linger for a few years, researchers can start their masters, finish it and join the force to learn more about this virus and prevent something like this from ever happening again.

2. Research helps find gaps in the literature.

One of the first research steps is to review past literature and see what it says on your topic.

There are millions of published research articles that document various clinical findings.

It’s rare to find a gap in the literature.

However, when you do, you can capitalize on the opportunity and do a deeper research on that subject.

The implications of a research gap can be monumental for society.

Depending on what you study, you can set the pace of your entire career on this one finding.

With empirical testing through reliability and validity analysis, you will ensure that the research is accurate, retestable, and generalizable to the general population.

Research is essential in modern times as it allows us to use technology to our advantage and look into areas that hadn’t been traversed before.

You can see Research as a magnifying lens through what you can observe the world around you and find potential errors in our way of thinking about it.

3. Settle the debate.

One of the most significant issues after the release of the vaccine is that people aren’t ready to accept the jab.

A fair number of people refuse to get vaccinated as they consider it an unnatural way of injecting foreign substances into their bodies.

The freedom of choice gives them the right to refuse the vaccine, however, the implications of an unvaccinated population in a global pandemic can be dire.

As long as there are people who refuse to look at scientific research the debate is going to remain. With the help of clinical research, you can prove to people that vaccinations are safe.

They have been saving lives for decades.

It’s nothing more than your antibodies fighting the foreign virus

The more you educate the public, the better the chances of becoming receptive to the preventive jab.

Human beings are reasonably susceptible to a phenomenon known as groupthink. If a person they trust rejects the vaccine, they are likely to hop on the bandwagon and reject it as well.

If you change the entire paradigm through clinical research, you may stand a chance at swaying their opinions and encouraging them to take the vaccine.

4. It helps to find potentially life saving treatment.

Without research the way we have it today, people would still die of extremely treatable conditions like TB and Pneumonia.

You might be shocked to learn that a broken limb was once a death sentence only two centuries ago.

Clinical research has helped us learn more about treatment and administering the best therapeutic measures to help sick and injured patients.

Without research the way we know it today, there would be no cure for cancer, and the global death rate would skyrocket.

We need clinical research now more than ever because many illnesses and viruses continue to plague humanity with no cure.

Perhaps over time, if people start taking clinical research seriously, we might find a cure to HIV or AIDS. With more research, we might be able to develop the treatment for all disease as well. At least that’s the big goal.

5. Clinical Research is probably the most reliable piece of information.

If you think that research is a one dimensional approach that looks at a few things and then moves on, you might be in for a shocker.

Clinical research is one of the most demanding, time consuming, and attention demanding careers you can find.

It’s important to realize that researchers cover all their bases when putting a finding forward.

When conducting clinical research, every possible variable that could factor in a change is looked at, scrutinized, and then considered.

Trials are conducted on men, women, children, elderly, overweight, underweight, etc.

The slightest change in variables could result in a completely different outcome compared to the last one.

If you think factors have been left out in research, the research would never have been published.

Clinical research is peer reviewed by several panels of judges (most of which are PhDs) worldwide to authenticate its findings.

So if you are trying to find serious information about anything, going through clinical research papers is probably your most reliable option.

What You Should Remember?

Research can be considered boring, dry, and somewhat dreary, but some studies have such far reaching implications that they could change society as we know it.

We need to acknowledge the role of clinical research in our time and give it the respect that it deserves.

The factors above give us a clear idea of why research is so essential in modern times and the roles which it might play in the future.

From factors related to the pandemic debates and variable control, we have talked about why research is so crucial in today’s time.

We hope you have developed a newfound appreciation for research and are considering pursuing it as a career.

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