10 Things to Remove from Your Life and Become Superhuman


You don’t have to do anything spectacular to become Superhuman, instead you have to NOT do ordinary things that keep your potential from rising.

The world today is designed to suppress your real potential.

I don’t know if it’s intentional or not. We can debate about that topic for millennia.

That’s not the purpose of this article.

In this article I want to share with you a secret: how to escape from your invisible shackles and unleash your Superhuman potential.

You have greatness within you. But as you were growing up and integrating into society, these invisible shackles slowly started to tie you in chains.

Distractions, unhealthy habits, propaganda, consumerism, bad food, alcohol, drugs, negativity, society, the unnecessary business of everyday life… all of it actively works to keep you in these invisible chains.

To become Superhuman you don’t have to go on a journey to find some secret cave where you will find your superpowers.

Your superpowers are within you.

All you have to do is get rid of the things that keep them in chains. Here are the 10 things to remove from your life and become Superhuman.

10 Things to Remove from Your Life to Be Superhuman:


1. Alcohol.

Alcohol is literally a poison.

You are literally poisoning yourself, giving your body one more problem to get rid of.

Alcohol shuts down parts of your brain for you to feel better. As a result conscious reasoning and the self critique are gone. At the moment you feel more confident and relaxed, but it’s not real.

Alcohol blocks the parts of you that are insecure and stressed. That’s why the next day all your insecurities and worries come back, you might feel more anxious.

You don’t overcome your insecurities, you don’t build confidence, you don’t deal with your stress, you put everything under the rug and pretend that all is good, with a help of a poison.

You are building a fake identity around alcohol and then you cannot talk to people if you don’t have at least one drink. You are training yourself to hide from your issues and escape.

“But it’s just one beer…” If you feel amazing why would you intentionally drink something that will make you LESS of who you are? If beer, or whatever alcohol you drink makes you feel better than how you feel without it, you have work to do. Your answers are not in alcohol.

Without this poison your body doesn’t have that unnecessary problem to deal with, hence you have more energy, vitality and strength. Try not drinking a drop of alcohol for 30 days and see how you feel.

2. Dirty movies.

Adult movies make you put women on a pedestal and force men to meet unrealistic standards.

They give you an excuse to deal with your urges by watching others satisfy themselves for you instead of you being capable to find a partner yourself.

You are training your self to take the easy way out. The way that doesn’t lead you anywhere in life.

They give you unrealistic expectations about the bedroom and twist your moral values.

There are many studies that prove dirty movies damage your brain to a level that it cannot be reversed.

You are programming yourself to look at women as sex objects and your dating life suffers. You either stay lonely with your naughty movies or end up with women who cannot remain in a relationship.

Watching those kind of movies is making you obsessed about s3x, and you have no mental bandwidth to think about anything else, for example something that’s far more important for you like your purpose, business and meaningful relationships.

3. Fapping.

Fapping is wasting your life force on screen pixels or artificial scenarios.

You have a force within you to create life. And you are releasing this force for momentary pleasure.

Think about the urge. The force that wants to come out. This force can help you create the life that you would love to live. It can give you more energy, strength, happiness and masculinity than any pill you can ever take.

And you are wasting it for 5 seconds of synthetic pleasure.

4. Processed Sugar.

Sugar is one of the most addicting substances on the planet.

Never in the history of mankind did we have so much  calories packed in one tiny meal as we have today thanks to processed sugar.

Our natural instinct always leads us to love the food that gives the most energy. But in a natural way.

When you manufacture artificial foods and add processed sugar your intuition will lead you to eat foods low in nutritive value and high in sugar and calories.

In other words, you will eat for taste not to feed your body. You will put more calories (energy) in your body than you need and your body will store them as fat.

But that’s not why sugar is bad.

Sugar spikes your insulin levels and can lead to many diseases. Also, it twists you natural instinct of what’s healthy and what to put inside your body.

It accelerates aging, messes up your metabolism, causes anxiety, and contributes to mood swings.

According to USDA data sugar takes the place of important nutrients. So if your body needs vitamins and there is sugar present in the food you eat, your body will prioritize the sugar over the important vitamins. To tell it as simply as we can, you eat and get fatter but your body is starving, immunity drops and you actually have even less energy.

30 without sugar can change your life!

5. Caffeine.

Caffeine is a drug. Literally.

We talk nonchalantly about it but it’s as same as if we would talk about cocaine.

The worst part about caffeine is that it doesn’t give you any actual energy. It doesn’t have any calories. What it does is it blocks the receptors in your brain that tell you are tired. So you feel the illusion of energy.

But with time your brain manufactures more of those receptors and you need more caffeine to not feel tired.

You are basically borrowing energy from tomorrow by giving yourself the illusion that you are not tired.

It messes up your nervous system and induces anxiety.

Without coffee you don’t have those low energy and high energy moments during the day. After the first 7 days without caffeine you will notice that you have high energy from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep.

No highs, no lows. A steady level of energy and alertness. Just like you were designed.

30 days without caffeine and you will not want to put a grain of it in your mouth ever again. You will feel 100% energy throughout your whole day.

6. Television.

TV is a waste of your time. Honestly, it’s the biggest waste of your time

There is so much beauty and goodness in the world around you, so many places you can visit, lakes, cities, countries, parks, foods you can try, activities you can do, people you can meet, art you can make… you have loving people in your life that you are sharing this glimpse of eternity with, people with whom you can spend that same exact time with… there are so many epic things you can build and create… and you are trading all of that to watch a freaking box of pixels?

But that’s not the worst.

You are letting that box, more specifically news, brainwash you into thinking the world is a terrible place.

News focus on the 0.001% of negativity in the world to grab attention. They are a business and attention means profit. But for you, watching news, you start to believe that the 0.001% of negativity is 100% of reality!

You are messing up your perspective of the world.

Listen, here is unpopular opinion, you don’t have to be up to date with everything. The important news that you should hear will find you no matter if you live in a cave somewhere, do not worry about that!

Take your time back.

Stop watching TV for 30 days and you will see, the world will not end.

And when you turn the TV on again the same drama will be there.

It’s just a show, but it messes with your perspective.

Liberate yourself and see the beauty that surrounds you.

7. Movies.

Movies are not bad in themselves. You can go to the cinema and watch a movie if you want. That’s cool, I even encourage it.

However, watching a movie from your lap top, at home, alone, just to escape your loneliness and feel something.. that’s wrong.

Your brain doesn’t really know the difference between you and the character when you are immersed in a movie. For your brain you are living the life of the character.

It looks like your life is a real adventure. And when the movie ends, you are left with that hollow feeling inside, that silent loneliness you escaped from. But now it’s bigger.

You are left purposeless, unfulfilled. Because you traded time from your own movie, the one where you are the main character, to ride an adventure directed by someone who doesn’t even know you exist. An adventure that’s an illusion just like the screen you are watching it on. An adventure that doesn’t lead you anywhere in life, an adventure that’s not about you.

Put yourself first. Be the main character of your own life. Make your life an epic adventure, you are the director. Don’t escape your life in pieces of art that were made for entertainment.

8. TV Shows.

It’s the same with TV shows.

But the only difference is that when you are left with that lonely feeling after an episode ends, there is another episode.. and another.. and another.. and there you are, borrowing time from your sleep, harming your health just to see what a fictional character will do.

It’s really not as important as you make it. Just like with the television, you are wasting time you can invest into making your life epic, spending quality time with people you love, living.

9. Video Games.

Games are similar like the movies and the tv shows. They are not bad in and of itself.

In fact, in games you’ll probably find the greatest art.

In my opinion they are the pinnacle of artistry we have achieved as humans because they incorporate so many different aspects. From music to design, story and graphics… It’s a privilege to be able to play such masterpieces.

However, if you play games every day for hours you are wasting time that you can use to level up in real life. And you are not really appreciating all the insane work that went into creating that masterpiece.

For your mind there is no difference if you level up in games or real life.

Your character gets a better armor, new skills, a new level, great! Your mind shoots Dopamine and you feel amazing because it seems like you are progressing in real life.

However, when you turn the game off, you are at the same place in life. Nobody.

No cool armor, no new skills, no new levels. In fact, you might be regressing in real life.

So stop that! Real life comes first!

10. Music.

Music these days is propaganda.

It has nothing to do with real music. It should probably not be called “music” at all.

It sells you alcohol, drugs or promiscuity!

It programs you to believe that either you are the victim, that you cannot find new love or that you must go out and drink to feel alive in life!

Fake advice that leads you to the wrong track of life, the one that you are trying to get away from!

Also the beat and music are made by a formula that sells, that makes them catchy so you can listen more.

Detox yourself for 30 days and then start listening real music!

You will be able to hear the difference.

What If You Get Rid of All These Things?

All of these things are distractions, suppressors and drainers of your potential.

If you get rid of all these things you will basically get rid of all the invisible shackles that keep your potential imprisoned.

You will feel more energy, strength, vitality, power and inner happiness than you ever thought possible.

You will have more time to invest into building an epic life, to spend it with the people you love.

Your creativity, productivity and passion will fly over the roof.

You will feel purposeful and more fulfilled than ever before. You will feel more alive than ever before. You will feel literally like a Superhuman.

If you want to join other Superhumans who are already on this journey you can request access to our private group on Facebook Superhuman Code. Inside there is a lot more to help you become a Superhuman. Right now I am at Day 90 without any of these 10.. and it feels.. I feel.. well, like a Superhuman. I share my experience along the way in this group so if you are interested in transforming yourself, get in, it’s free.

I help people upgrade their Spirit, Mind, Body, Heart to become the best version of themselves! After 10 years of writing, coaching and collaborating with top coaches from all around the world I have learned the best secrets to help you unleash your full potential! You can be a Superhuman! Write me at [email protected] if you have any direct question! Much Love!