2 Dos and 2 Don’ts When Coming Home From Surgery


If you are finally coming home from spending a few nights in the hospital postsurgery, there are a few things you will be told to do, and not to do, by your doctor.

One of the things that will certainly be on your to do list is to continue to rest up, just because you have been allowed to leave your hospital bed doesn’t mean that you are ready to throw yourself back into your normal routine.

When you are discharged from the hospital, it is under the proviso that you continue to rest and recuperate and continue your recovery.

Depending on the surgery you underwent, your recovery time may well be weeks or months, and that certainly won’t improve should you not heed the doctor’s warning.

Here, we will cap some of the basic dos and don’ts that you should follow when returning home from the hospital.

4 Tips for When You Come Home From Surgery:


Do: Rest!

Absolutely the number one thing for you to do is to rest.

Do not return to work if you are not medically cleared and, even when you do, try to work out a return to work plan with your manager. It may be beneficial for you to alter your responsibilities at work depending on the type of surgery you had, and the type of work you do.

Companies will usually wish to carry out a fit for work examination before you return. Just as you should be careful returning to work, you should also be mindful about returning to any hobbies and activities that may involve strenuous exertion.

Sports, for example, should be off the table until your doctor has given you the all clear. The last thing you want to happen is to go against medical advice, partake in a game of football and end up undoing all the work the surgery has done, as well as potentially causing more damage.

Don’t: Rush Yourself!

When you are recovering from surgery and resting up it can be boring.

We understand, especially for those who are usually so active and always out the house keeping themselves busy. If you try to rush your recovery, you will likely only end up achieving prolonging your recovery time which, for those on an inpatient position, will certainly not enjoy.

If you feel pressured to return to work before you are fit and healthy, you should keep and note and look to speak to your manager or HR.

Any team member should only be allowed to return to the workplace once they are medically cleared to do so.

Do: Seek Support!

Friends and family will be there for support to help as you recover.

Alternatively, if for whatever reason that isn’t an option, then there are many hospital to home services that will ensure that your transition and recovery goes smoothly.

Whatever you may struggle with, from feelings of pain, rehabilitation to being able to undertake simple tasks, you can call on someone to provide the level of assistance you need during this time.

Even if you simply need someone to talk to, you will be able to find someone more than happy to lend an ear.

Don’t: Fall into Bad Habits!

When recovering from surgery and unable to keep as active as you ordinarily might, it can be all too easy to fall into bad habits such as eating junk food to compensate.

A poor diet will do nothing for your recovery or your physical and mental health.

Filling the void of regular exercise with unhealthy food and drink will form bad habits that will be harder to break the longer it continues.

Remember, the return home is just the first big landmark in your recovery.

As you listen to the advice of your doctors and continue your rehabilitation, you will soon be back to doing what you love most.

Always first listen to what your doctor advises you to do.

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