How to Find Your Life’s Purpose in 4 Easy Steps


How to find your purpose?

This question has been asked for over billion times, and hundreds of thousands of people have attempted to give an answer.

Yet, each answer has been unique, individual and indefinite.

That’s because we approach the question all wrong!

You see, Purpose is something that cannot be defined.

We should not seek for defining our Purpose, but finding our sense of Purpose within that always aligns with activities and things we will later consider part of our Purpose.

It’s much simpler than it might sound, in fact, you can find your sense of Purpose in less than 14 minutes if you watch the video bellow!

How to Find Your Purpose (4 Easy Steps):

To find your Purpose you should go through each of these steps.

Step 1. Find your Passions.

First, make a list of your Talents and Things You Love Doing. Intersect these items and find your PASSIONS.

Step 2. Find your Mission.

Second, make a list of the Things You Can Give to The World. Intersect the items on the list of Things You Love Doing and the Things You Can Give to The World to find your MISSION.

Step 3. Find your Vocation.

Third, make a list of Things You Can Ideally Earn From. Intersect the items on the list of the Things You Can Give to The World and Things You Can Ideally Earn From to find your VOCATION.

Step 4. Find your Profession.

Finally, Intersect the items on the list of Things You Can Ideally Earn From and your Talents to find your ideal PROFESSION.

Your sense of Purpose is the gravity in the middle of these 4 pillars.

There are 3 Important Things You Should Know About Finding Your Purpose:

1. The truth is there is no objective purpose!

The only general purpose of life is life itself.

That’s it!

It’s open world sandbox type of game.

You can do what you want.

Therefore, to take most out of this experience YOU need a purpose, some objective purpose doesn’t need you to start believe in it.

YOU need something to fill you up from inside, to fulfill you!

A direction in life, a way to play this game, a mission, a quest.

Otherwise you are lost!

You feel empty, and you try to be less empty by filling your Hole inside.

Find your purpose!

I do not say this lightly. This is not just some motivational mambo jumbo “you need a purpose” BS!

2. You REALLY need a Purpose biologically!

The biochemistry inside your body, the cocktail of chemicals inside your brain is much healthier when you have a Purpose to follow, a heart aligned direction you can go towards!

Studies find that having a Purpose, a bigger goal to follow, contributes to people staying healthy even as they grow old.

Sometimes having a bigger goal than your circumstances, a Purpose that you are following, can make the difference between life and death!

Having no sense of meaning or purpose could make a healthy person ill, on the other hand, as Viktor Frankl described, a sense of Purpose can be the only thing that helps you survive a death camp!

We were designed by evolution to have a BIG goal, a sense of Purpose, something we aim towards!

You don’t need to find a Purpose just to be happy and fulfilled, those emotions are a byproduct.

You need it to stay healthy while you push through the pains of life!

You need a Purpose so you can unleash the hidden reservoirs of potential within.

Your biology actually works much better when you are using more of your potential!

So finding your Purpose is not just some self help bullshit!

It’s a “Vitamin” your whole being needs!

Vitamin P!

3. Your Purpose Cannot Be Defined.

If you wait to define your purpose so you can start following your purpose, you will wait all your life.

You cannot FULLY define it!

You cannot say “my purpose is to make legs for chairs and that’s what I will do for the rest of my life”

If you can do that, AMAZING, good for you!

But it’s still not your purpose!

This can be part of your purpose, something that reminds you of this sense within, but it’s not your purpose!

And because the world around you changes, the details of your purpose can also change, and what you call your purpose can evolve!

What once inspired you might stop, what once you were passionate about doing might stop being aligned with your purpose!

What would people who say their purpose is to be an actor would do if they were born before cinema and acting ever existed?

Or let’s say you claim your purpose is to be a YouTuber but YouTube gets deleted, what happens to your purpose?

4. Your Purpose is a Sense.

Just like you have a sense of what’s the right thing to say to someone that you meet for the first time, just like you have a sense of what you crave to eat at certain moments, in the same way knowing your purpose it’s a sense.

I had this awakening few years ago.

I wanted to be an actor all my life! And one day I had an interview for an acting school in a nearby country from where I lived.

However, I didn’t have enough money to pay for enrolling. I didn’t have anyone to borrow it from.

I knew deep down in my soul that my purpose has something to do with acting, filming videos, sharing my message and expressing myself.

As I was watching YouTube videos on “how to become an actor on your own” I realized, I can start filming videos and upload them on YouTube!

I can write! I can express my messages in other ways!

It’s not acting per se, but what acting allows you to bring into this world. And there are other things that can provide you the same opportunity!

So I realized that your Purpose is not what you always think it is. Yes, that thing that you believe is your purpose can be aligned with your Purpose, but it can also be replaced, because your Purpose is a sense that adapts to the changes of the world around you.

That’s why we say that your PURPOSE is like gravity, different objects and planets can come into orbit, but they can also leave.

The gravity itself is what stays!

It is a sense!

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