Top Tips for a Business Owner Hiring Senior Programmer


No matter what you do, your business will have to at least touch the digital world, especially after what this pandemic showed us.

We have to adjust to the technological advancements. Businesses and startups have been increasingly successful in recent years thanks to high quality software.

However, to launch such a project you need programmers with a high level of expertise and preferably experience in the customer’s subject area.

We were planning to launch our own app. Through this journey of bringing our plan into action, we found few tips that might help anyone that wants to find experts in programming and developers to help them with their ideas.

Developers of this level are called senior developers and in this article, we will look at the ways of hiring senior Node.js developers for a project.

Top Tips for Hiring Senior Programmer:


So, there are several levels of developer expertise for senior Node.js developers:

Junior Level.

This is a Node.js developer who just started their way in programming. This person has mastered the Node.js syntax and can write simple Node.js programs or scripts.

Middle Level.

This is a Node.js developer who already has some experience in programming. They can already perform complex tasks in Node.js on their own, but they need a mentor to give them direction.

Senior Level.

This is a Node.js developer with a broad outlook. Such a specialist knows several programming languages, can implement the project architecture from scratch, choose the technology stack suitable for the technical requirements, taking into account the future development of the project.

It can be very difficult to find Node.js seniors, and even if they are found, their salary expectations can be unpleasantly surprising.

So how can you hire a senior Node.js developer without hitting your budget hard?


The easiest and most profitable way is to outsource everything.

If you have a proven contractor with free resources, this is a great option.

What’s more, modern technology allows you to significantly reduce the cost of senior Node.js developers, if you contract with companies from countries where the cost of such specialists is initially cheaper.

For example, you can cooperate with companies from Eastern Europe, particularly from Ukraine.

Ukraine is number 1 in the world by the number of Unity3D game developers and C ++ engineers. Ukraine also claims third place by the number of Node.js, Python, ASP.NET, Ruby, Symfony, and PHP specialists.

There are 1,500 IT companies in Ukraine that offer almost all kinds of software services, including web and mobile development, IT consulting, analytics, and more.

There are also full cycle companies, such as RexSoft a company that we personally used for our app, which will take care of all the nuances and aspects of project management from planning to post release support.

Also, Ukraine offers more competitive outsourcing rates coupled with much more technical talent.

The average hourly rate for a senior developer is about $50 an hour.

These rates are much lower than in Western Europe and North America, where a software developer at the same level costs about $100 an hour or even more.


Whereas during the outsourcing the entire project is done outside of your company, during the outstaffing only technical personnel work outside the company, and they are connected to the project as needed.

Outstaffing is different from freelancing in terms of confirmed competencies and labor discipline guarantees.

Outstaffing of separate Node.js specialists will be very effective if the company has competencies in project management.

This method allows you to save your budget and not to hire unnecessary staff. You just reinforce your team with high class Node.js seniors and keep working, but with a new level of expertise.

Borrowing staff has long been a familiar and well established process in trade and services. More and more it enters IT development as well.

It is a clear and transparent business and product creation model. It has its own specifics, which must be taken into account, but it can solve many existing problems and save money.

What you should remember?

Outsource Node.js development services are a great option for flexible and efficient management of resources in your project.

After all, the rental market and services are booming, and now you don’t need to spend a lot of resources to own while you can just rent, from real estate to premium cars, from equipment to employees.

The world is not just getting more digitalized but it’s also becoming more rentable, processes that once were hard are becoming easier and faster, communications are getting smoother.

It’s getting strange, we are not going to say that it’s the normal we were used to. But it’s in the same time exciting and we have to adapt. There is no other alternative. The sci fi technology is already here.

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