What is The Importance Of Genetic Counseling And 4 Reasons Why Do We Need It


As technology and science dive deep into understanding the language of our genes, we discover that most of who we think we are is determined by our genome.

Many characteristics, traits, even potential diseases can be found by reading our genes. Think of it like being prone to certain diseases, and if you push this gene button too much it might activate the disease. It’s a good thing to know what type of “dangerous levers” you have in order to avoid activating them.

Through the process of Genetic Counseling, you will receive information about a genetic condition that might affect your family.

A healthcare expert, such as the genetic counselor will collect all your family and personal health history.

They will utilize this particular information to determine whether you or your family members have a genetic condition.

If you have a rare disease or a genetic condition, you will learn how the condition progresses, how to manage the condition within your family, etc. You can also opt for genetic counseling right before or at the same time as genetic testing.

What is The Importance Of Genetic Counseling?

Genetic Counseling has been opted for many reasons. It will certainly help you when having a child who is suffering from a genetic condition.

The counseling will help you and your family to learn and understand the diagnosis properly and how to adjust.

The counseling will also help you understand the medical facts about your child’s condition and the options to manage it.

You will also gain information on whether the genetic condition was passed down from other parents and learn more about the risks it carries and how to deal with it. Apart from that, genetic counseling will also help you plan realistically for the future.

Why do you need genetic counseling?


There are many reasons to opt for genetic counseling, and some of the most important ones are mentioned below.

1. Better peace of mind.

For all the parents to be who are well aware about the family history of a specific condition or disease, will be cathartic to learn that they do not carry the gene. This will give them peace of mind that their unborn child will not carry any genetic condition or disease.

2. Early intervention.

Through the process of genetic counseling, it will reveal a hidden gene change, which might enable you to develop a life threatening disease. You will gain more understanding on such matters from the genetic counselors and the things you can do to prevent it from spreading.

3. Better decision making.

The counselors will help you understand a testing option, which is right for you. They will also help you understand the underlying causes and diagnosis of genetic disorders. The councilors will also guide you in any decision making regarding family planning or genetic testing.

4. Appropriate testing.

Consulting with a genetic counselor will help you determine, which are the appropriate tests for you. Doing so will enable you to prepare yourself accordingly. It will also be highly important when a standard prenatal test result has provided abnormal results.

What You Should Remember?

Genetic counseling has always been an important process when it comes to genetic testing.

The genetic counselor will help you understand the conditions of your child. Doing so will enable you to take proper measures to deal with them.

If you are a soon to be mother, genetic counseling will provide you with insights into whether or not your child will inherit any genetic condition.

Opting for genetic counseling will help you stay informed, and the counselors will do their best to assist you with such matters.

They have the experience and knowledge in such areas, and you do not receive any wrong information or testing options.