How to Be Strong When You Get Hurt? (FACE THE STORM!)


The moment weak people started using excuses to hide from their pain, like the phrases: “Man Up!” or “Toughen Up!”… the world started getting weaker!

Now I am not saying this lightly. I truly believe that this is the underlying cause behind ALL of the world’s suffering: people not facing their pain and running away from it.

The decisions that are made as a result of running away from your pain always lead to this pain being amplified in the world. Always!

How to Be Strong? Not Like You Think!

The title of this article is “How to Be Strong when you get hurt!” And many people will think that the answer is in toughening up.

But that’s EXACTLY the opposite of what you should do, however I get why you would make this mistake.

We were trained and programmed to associate being strong with not showing emotions. We were brainwashed to think that being tough means not letting anything touch your human heart. Especially if you are a man.

We believe being vulnerable is being weak. And that’s why you will not be strong. As long as you keep this belief, YOU WILL BE WEAKLING.

You will not let yourself be vulnerable, hence, you will waste your life running away from your innate human vulnerability pretending that you don’t hold that pain within you.

And this pain will put you in situations that will recreate the same pain, the same emotion you so desperately try to avoid, but you will keep running, from your humanity, emotions, your own self.

You are not strong if you invalidate your pain! These phrases “Man Up!” or “Toughen Up!”, they seem tough, but they are FAR from strength, they are excuses to avoid feeling your humanity, your pain, to escape your vulnerability and leave your inner wounds unhealed.

So what happens?

People don’t know how to deal with their human vulnerability, with their emotions. The moment they feel some small discomfort, an unpleasant feeling, instead of dealing with it, they escape in mindless distractions and substances.

They escape their own self. That’s why they are weak. The weakest! You are not strong if you learn how to live your life with your pain inside, you are stupid! Do you see strongest people cowered in wounds? Running bleeding?

Is that a definition of strength, how many wounds you have? Or, is it how much pain you can bare? What seems more correct? Of course it’s the second one.

But how you are strong then, if you cannot even bare your own pain? If you numb it down or suppress it within? If you cannot even manage to face it and deal with it so you heal?

What kind of coward do you need to be to be afraid of your own self, and not deal with that fear, but escape your own self?

Rhetorical question, the answer is the biggest!

And not just that, but by running away from your human vulnerability you end up living pathetic excuses of a life in constant escape from your inner wounds.

However, there is one hard fact you don’t consider: Wherever you go, there you are!

You cannot run away from your pain.

No matter what you accomplish outside, nothing will save you from your own wounds. They will color your world and you will call it fate. And the more you are avoiding them, the BIGGER they get.

Most people live their life like they are carrying an unstable reactor with themselves. When one tiny little particle touches their pain, they BLOW UP!

That’s what being triggered is, when something pokes at an inner wound you don’t even know you have, and you react disproportionate to reality.

Take away the phone, the drink, the TV and any other “relaxation” substances, see what happens? Most people will erupt like a volcano, all of the emotions they suppress within will blow up!

But even if you suppress your pain, it will dictate most of your life. We are aware only of 5% of our choices, 95% is being dictated by our subconscious mind.

And guess on what your subconscious mind bases its decisions? On your pain!

It recreates events for you to face your pain. But you escape it. And you are stuck in this loop. Instead of giving the world the incredible gift you can give and making it a better place for all, you are too busy escaping your own self.

And these decisions are destructive for all of us. That’s why these people are the weakest people on the planet. Because they are too big of cowards to even face their own humanity.

You want to know how to be strong when you get hurt?

You want to be tough?





Do the opposite of what the mainstream narrative tells you.

Soften up!

Surrender to your innate human vulnerability.

Feel, express what you feel, cry, scream, tell it to someone close. Be brutally honest and vulnerable.

Put your shield down and say it raw, say what you are afraid of, say what makes you want to scream, say what you hold within, say what burns your soul, say what tears your eyes, say what hurts you.

How to face your pain?

Change the game, instead of running away turn around, face the storm and surrender.

And you will realize that true strength is found in midst of vulnerability.

Because who is stronger, a person who hides behind a shield all their life or someone who is brave enough to openly face the storm in order to bring the sunshine back?

Be the hero of your life.

Face the storm of emotions head on when you get hurt, go within the pain, embrace your human vulnerability.

That’s how you become strong, REALLY STRONG!

How to heal your pain?

Be there with your self.

Nurture your wounds like a loving mother would do. Tell yourself words of encouragement like a loving father would say. Be your own parent.

Most people turn their back on themselves, the abandon themselves when they need themselves the most.

All that your pain asks for is your attention, no matter if it’s physical or emotional pain.

That’s why pain exists, to signal us that something hurt us, to show us where, so we can give that place attention and heal it.