How Today’s Online Coding Classes Are Making Kids Future Ready


The gap between science, technology, engineering, and math, or as it is called STEM, career fields and jobs is widening.

In fact, there are currently more than half a million open computing related jobs, and the demand exceeds the supply for qualified candidates.

In today’s world the classic education is paused due to the pandemic. The good news is that kids these days are getting a jump on the future with online coding classes.

Online coding classes give students hands on experience with learning how to code software through beginner coding tutorials in languages like Python, Java, or JavaScript.

Students learn to code while also developing critical problem solving skills that will help them succeed in any STEM field or any career path they choose.


There are plenty of online coding classes available which provide students with quality education and teaching material on how to code.

One of them is Cuemath, where through interactive games and visuals, they teach children the basics of computer programming in a language that they can understand.

Children can learn these languages at their own pace by clicking on various commands or game pieces that teach them new skills in an intuitive way.

Cuemath’s unique approach to teaching coding, which is essentially an engaging and interactive way of learning, helps to reduce the barriers that exist in conventional coding classes where students must memorize methods and commands and follow the precise syntax.

The website’s interactive elements make it easier for children to learn by themselves, faster and more efficiently.

One can easily book a free trial class online to understand the teaching methodology and the course structure to be followed.

With different course options, the students have the benefit of choosing the one which really interests them.

What makes Cuemath so unique is that it uses intuitive metaphors and games that help children understand how to use programming languages such as Python, Javascript using simple drag and drop exercises. Apart from making children future ready, cuemath helps children to develop critical thinking skills.

The tutors at Cuemath make sure that they take forward a child’s thinking process by giving appropriate cues rather than dictating them what to do next. This helps children use their logical thinking to understand things at their own pace regarding how these languages work by playing around with different game pieces and making sense of the display’s information using a trial and error approach.

Cuemath also provides the student with a course structure that breaks down what they are learning so they can easily absorb it.

Kids are motivated to learn how to code because they enjoy the challenge of solving problems, taking an idea from concept to realization, and seeing their projects come to life.

They also want to gain the skills they’ll need in a job market that increasingly demands a deeper knowledge of technology.

Since online coding classes allow students to focus on individual projects and tutorials at their own pace, many view it as a fun way they can explore new interests and develop the new century skills vital for future success.

Coding helps refine and improve a child’s math and reading skills, as well as develop their critical thinking skills.

In addition, kids who learn to code are more likely to feel engaged in school work, especially related to math and science. And online learning doesn’t have to be hard. It can be actually more effective if done right.

According to some learning programming online is easier than in the traditional in person manner as it makes people more focused in the comfort of their homes.

And no, programming is not just for grow ups. In fact, studies show that children who are exposed to computer programming at an early age have a higher chance of thinking logically and critically.

This is because learning coding provides an entry point for children to think systematically while solving problems. As they progress through the levels of difficulty, they begin to understand the logic and the patterns of coding that make learning even easier.

Coding is a versatile skill set that can be used across multiple industries, from video games and movies to business software and websites, hence opening many avenues for one’s career in the future.