The 12 Best Storage Hacks You Wish You Knew Earlier If You are A Student


There are several big stages in the human life.

Most people argue that student life is one of the best times of their lives.

Whether you agree with it or not, one thing is for sure. There are many things you wished you knew earlier when you were a student, but you learn those things later in life through trial and error.

You might lack the experience, expertise, money, and skills, but you also have no responsibility on your shoulders, which gives you more freedom.

It also lets you concentrate only on your studies, which is precisely what your parents want. When you are a university student, you might be living in a hostel and sharing a single room with multiple classmates.

It means that you have limited space to store all your items, so you decided to store a few items in a storage unit.

Since you don’t have too much extra money, you also want to get a great deal.

How can you do that?

By using storage hacks. If you are interested in knowing about these hacks, then continue reading. In this article, you will learn about 12 proven storage hacks that university students can use.

12 Best Storage Hacks for University Students:


1. Use a Mini Shelf.

If you are a student, you might have a desk in your room or a study table.

If that is the case, then you should never clutter it or create a mess on it.

Most of the students commit this mistake, especially when they are working on multiple assignments concurrently.

Their desk starts to look messy, and they struggle to stay organized.

Instead of cluttering your study table, you can use a mini shelf to keep your papers organized or move them to a storage unit that offers document storage services.

It can save a lot of time which would be spent on finding essential documents on the messed up study table.

2. Store Stationary in a Jar.

Two of the most common pieces of equipment a student needs are a pen or pencil.

These stationery items are the most accessible and most annoying things to lose, especially when you want them the most.

It is highly recommended that you organize all your stationery items and place them into a jar, so you know exactly where they are, and you can easily access them whenever you might need them.

3. Mount the Desk on A Wall.

Nobody can deny the fact that a desk or your room study table is an essential piece of furniture for a university student, but it can occupy precious space in your hostel room.

If your desk is too large, then it can become a severe problem as it can occupy a significant space of your room.

You can replace the desk with a smaller one, move it to a storage unit or buy a desk that can easily be mounted on a wall.

4. Invest in a Bedside Caddy.

There are instances when you get so tired that you come to your hostel room to relax, but you also want to read your course books while relaxing on your bed.

Sadly, your books are placed on another side of the room.

You have to get up and reach out for them to get access to them.

Instead, you can invest in a bedside caddy that stores all your favorite books accessible.

If you have too many books, you can also opt for Bystored, the cheap storage unit provider or IMS the so called International Moving Services, to store your extra books.

5. Fuse Style With Student Storage.

Just because you are a college or university student does not mean that you should ignore style and aesthetics.

Of course, you can still make a style statement by giving your rooms a classic look that your roommates and other students will appreciate.

That is not all.

You can store items that are taking up your room space in a storage unit and place a mirror and all the tools you need to make a style statement in the drawer, so look your best whenever you leave your hostel room.

6. Hang Your Shoe Rack On The Door.

Some students love shoes, and if you share a room with one of them, there are chances that they might have dozens of pairs of shoes.

It can make your room look messy and take up valuable space in the room, which can be used for any other purpose.

Ask them to keep all the shoes organized.

The best way to do that is to invest in a shoe rack.

It will save your hostel room from looking bad while keeping all shoes arranged neatly in a rack. If you can find a shoe rack which you can hang on your door, this can be even better as it can free up more space in your room.

7. Rolling bed cart For Blankets.

When you leave your home to live in a university hostel, your parents might have given you a blanket that can save you from biting cold winters.

The problem is that when the winter season ends and the summer season starts, these blankets will no longer be in use.

As a result, they might be taking up space, so you can consider moving them to storage units during the summer months or invest in a bed cart that can be rolled and kept under your bed.

8. Keep Shelf With Your New Bed.

Another essential storage item that most students have in their hostel rooms is a shelf.

Few of the students might use it to store their books, while others might use it for storing different items. Sadly, there is limited space for students to play around.

If you have multiple shelves in your college dorm, you can move one to the storage unit or replace it with a smaller one, which takes up less space.

9. Organize Your Desk With Clip Binders.

You would be hard pressed to find a university student who doesn’t own any gadgets.

Most students have computers, which have dozens of wires.

It can create wire chaos on your table or in your room.

To keep everything organized and give your desk a clean and clutter free look, you should use clip binders to group wires together.

You will never have to deal with tangled wire again, which is a massive pain in the neck, especially if there are too many computers or other wired gadgets in your hostel room.

10. Use Your Closet For Storing Books.

Have you ever looked at the closet you use daily?

There are chances that you might have never thought about taking advantage of the backside of the closet as a bookshelf.

You can store your books there and access them whenever you want. You can also store items that you frequently use and move items that you rarely use to the storage unit.

It can come in handy, especially if you have fewer clothes inside the closet and you get a lot of free space. You can put this space to good use and store books and other items there.

11. Use Your Bed Riser For Multiple Purposes.

Most university students have bed risers in their college hostel or university hostel rooms or dorms.

It is usually used for single purpose, but you can also put it to good use and make it serve multiple purposes.

For instance, you can purchase a bed riser that can double as a charging station.

These bed risers are readily available in the market and can deliver the functionality of both bed risers and the charging station.

12. Explore Affordable Storage Options.

Despite all these hacks, if you still find yourself short on space then, you can look for cheaper storage options such as cheap storage units by SSO.

These storage units are a great choice when it comes to storing seasonal or rarely used items.

If your college or university hostel room is still presenting a messy look, you can spend a few bucks and move some of your items to these storage units.

It will make it easier to organize your room as you have fewer items left behind, which you can easily arrange.

These storage units give you peace of mind with security and accessibility and have specialized machines to move items from one place to another.

In addition to this, they have highly trained staff who are well versed in the art of moving items safely.

Some storage unit providers also offer move and packing services which give you more convenience.

These were the proven tips for efficient student storage. But every student has his own way of placing belongings. Which storage hacks do you use as a student?