What “Wholesome” Things are Actually Extremely Toxic? (Top 7)


With social media, we are exposed to wholesome things every day. But some of those videos or memes, feel just kind of weird. Like there’s something off about them.

They seem wholesome, but there is this invisible toxic undertone that gets overlooked by many.

It’s nothing new for our human ugliness to mask itself with noble pursuits or achievements.

Our very fragile ego, the one that’s in constant need for approval from others, will always find a way to hide its true selfish and shallow desires behind “goodness”.

In this article you will find the top 7 “wholesome” things that are actually extremely toxic in today’s society.

7 “Wholesome” Things that are Toxic:


1. Family Vlogging on YouTube.

We have all watched a family filming their day on YouTube. They are called vloggers and they are filming videos of their day, every day.

And I understand that for most that’s their profession, but, we must discuss about the toxicity of such lifestyle.

I mean just think about it, every day, EVERY DAY someone is filming your whole family, they are organizing events, planning how to make the videos even more interesting, and instead of living their life with their family, they are not really there.

Their mind is lost in how the video will look like and what will be even more epic to include. People like them for that, they look up to them, but do you really want such lifestyle?

To be around your family but not really there, ever? To think about the video instead of being immersed in the spontaneous beauty of life experiencing your family as a human?

Watching their videos with that beautiful background music seems “wholesome” they seem happy, but in reality, behind the scenes that kind of life is pretty toxic.

2. Filming Yourself Helping Homeless People.

Now the word you should consider here is “filming”. I am not against doing nice things, I am not against filming videos, we also have a YouTube channel, but I am against helping others just because you want to make a viral video and get approval.

It’s not honest, and it shows. Yeah, you will help the person you are filming, but you will also exploit their situation to make a viral video.

You might help them momentarily, but their life will get back at what it is, and they will not live in a better world with good people because you did not become good by helping them once.

Goodness will prevail when doing good is something you do naturally, and not something that’s so rare that you should film yourself doing it.

3. Big Companies Advertising About Their Charity Accomplishments.

Let me ask you something, who spends millions on advertising just to show that they spent 100s of thousands on charity?

Big companies.

And why is that?

Because for them it’s not about making a positive change, primarily it’s about publicity, and their spending shows it.

4. Fake Animal Rescues.

Do you know that close to half the animal rescue videos you watch online are actually fake?

Yeah, people who do them will tell you it’s to raise awareness.

But why would you torture an animal to raise awareness for tortured animals?

Wouldn’t it be better to plan how to help them, not to just raise awareness?

Why your result and action taking is not something you raise awareness with, but faking animal rescues?

Oh, I know. It’s because most people don’t really care about the animals, they care about the views, and looking as they care about animals in front of the eyes of others.

5. Sacrificing Your Life for Your Children.

We all know that we would do anything for our children.

But that’s not what I am talking about here.

I am talking about sacrificing your life, making your children the most important subject in your life and giving them the unnecessary burden of your sacrifice as a guilt trip all their life.

Something they did not even agreed on.

How about having a purpose, and having a direction in your life, one where your kids can spend time with you, one where you will be satisfied and happy, one where you will allow your children to develop and thrive into independent human beings?

But it’s easier to bail on your life, and live your unlived experiences through your kids.

6. Positivity Culture.

This goes all the way from “Hustle 24 hours per day” to positive thinking and forcing happiness.

It seems “wholesome” when you see a meme on Instagram that you should be miserable, suffer, and pile through the mud to reach your dreams, or that thoughts are powerful and you should only think positive thoughts.

But we forget one really important fact here, you are mortal human, and nothing that you achieve will bring you back the time you lost trying to reach your dreams.

You are human and forcing happiness is not natural. Every emotion on the palette of emotions is there for a reason. Forcing happiness is turning your back on most of your self.

Why not do this, and bare with me, this is a crazy idea, especially in today’s society… why not, let go of over controlling things and experience being alive, here and now, in the present moment?

Why not accept yourself fully where you are, right now, and stop trying to escape yourself and your life to some “perfectionland” that doesn’t exist?

Nothing you achieve will be better than where you are if you don’t accept where you are fully and wholly.

Stop living as a flawed version of you, always in rush, like you are not DOING enough things, neurotic and on edge. That’s toxic.

Just slow down and realize that you are already whole.

7. Telling Someone to “Feel Better”.

As we said, we are all human.

Sometimes you just want to feel down. Sometimes you just NEED to feel whiny, and bored, and lazy. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Who knows why your body produces such chemicals, maybe it needs a rest, and you are creating a narrative around these natural bodily chemical responses believing there’s something wrong with that.

You are human, you don’t have to pretend to be perfect, just be.

And when you see someone being sad, or angry, or not in a good mood, don’t tell them “oh just stop thinking like that” or “hey, just smile, think positive” or even worse “what’s wrong with you, why do you bring all of us down with your mood”.

That’s terrible.

Just be their friend.

Sometimes all we need in such moments is honest attention, for someone to accept us, in all of our negativity and whining.

Not a robot to tell us how we should feel.