7 Most Popular Alternative Healing Therapies You Should Know Of


With spiking health concerns, people take medicines for illnesses, depression, and various diseases. Unfortunately, the excessive consumption of drugs, especially antibiotics, can weaken the immune system. As a result, people look for alternative healing therapies that differ from the usual line of treatment.

In other words, these are therapeutic practices that help relax the patient’s mind through the self-healing mechanism and energy of the human body.

Practitioners believe alternative healing works on the patient’s subconscious mind that can treat mental health issues.

Additionally, there is growing evidence that alternative therapies can control cancer symptoms and treatment side effects.

Acupuncture therapy can relieve sickness caused by chemotherapy drugs. Similarly, art therapy cures people through the use of colors. They activate the patients’ organs and glands, rejuvenating their minds and soul.

Although these healing techniques are thousands of years old, the renewed interest in natural healing increases their popularity worldwide.

If you don’t know much about it, have a look below. Here we are listing seven popular healing therapies you should know.

7 Most Popular Alternative Healing Therapies:


1. Mindfulness.

In all the chaos of life, people often lose their ability to concentrate and focus on things. Mindfulness is all about focus on the present moment.

It keeps your body and mind in the same place, helping you become more aware of your thoughts and feelings. Likewise, it lets people connect with themselves and react accordingly to stressful situations.

Therefore, it can decrease stress responses, regulate emotions, and improve anxiety symptoms. Mindfulness also includes breathing exercises.

Whenever you get negative thoughts, try to sit down and take a deep breath. It relaxes the brain muscles, letting you think correctly.

2. Energy Healing.

Unlike other therapies, energy healing techniques don’t use objects to cure a person.

Instead, it uses the natural mind body connection to improve physical and emotional wellbeing.

All the practices reflect on the idea of spiritual healing where the body is intimately connected, involving the subconscious and conscious brain.

In short, energy healing combines powerful spiritual, mental, and physical aspects to foster the body’s natural healing process. It releases the energy trapped in emotional baggage to stimulate wellness and joy.

3. Aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy uses extracts from natural plants to promote health and wellbeing. It uses essential oils to improve physical, mental, and spiritual health.

However, patients don’t have to consume any extracts; instead, this therapy works through the sense of smell and skin absorption.

The therapists offer bathing salts, aromatic spritzers, clay masks, inhalers, and lotions to cure illnesses.

It can also soothe sore joints since the aromatic extracts have healing properties. Moreover, the massages from these oils can treat migraines and headaches.

4. Reiki.

Reiki is a Japanese healing method that transfers universal energy to patients.

It focuses on the energy fields around the body to cure physical injuries and emotional pains.

The practitioner places their hands over specific areas of the limbs, head, and torso, commonly known as the energy points.

Once the practitioner senses that energy is not flowing in that body part, they transfer energy through their palm to the patients.

Besides, energy blocks in the body can also cause illnesses.

The energy medicine, reiki removes improves the flow of energy around the body, enables relaxation, and speeds up the healing process.

5. Reflexology.

Are you having trouble sleeping at night? Reflexology is a treatment that relieves stress and improves sleep patterns.

It follows the ideology that different points in a person’s hands, face, ears, and feet align with other body parts through the nervous system.

Thus, reflexologists apply pressure to these points to release stress and anxiety. It can also improve immunity, fight bacterial infections, and combat sinus issues.

According to the Chinese belief, it keeps the vital energy flowing into the body to maintains hormonal balance and keep it disease free.

6. Meditation.

If stress and anxiety are disrupting your thought process, consider trying meditation.

It produces a deep state of relaxation and a soothing mind. As a result, you can maintain focus and eliminate the negative thoughts crowding your mind and causing stress.

It restores calm and inner peace within a few minutes, improving emotional wellbeing.

Moreover, meditation also includes various breathing exercises that can manage asthma symptoms, high blood pressure, and chronic pains.

7. Hypnotherapy.

Usually, thoughts in the subconscious brain can make the person feel uneasy at times.

Hypnosis puts people in a state of deep relaxation, letting them access their subconscious thoughts, beliefs, and memories.

Hypnotherapy utilizes guided relaxation and intense concentration to achieve a state of awareness.

The person only focuses on their thought processes while temporarily blocking all the external information.

Once you explore the painful feelings and thoughts hidden from conscious minds, you can perceive things differently.

Perhaps, you can stop the negative thoughts or learn to live with the bitter memories.

What to Remember:

In the western world, alternative healing therapies play a significant role in the healing industry.

It includes a range of treatments with the advantages of modern day medicines. In addition to physical illnesses, it addresses patients’ emotional and spiritual health.

Above all, it doesn’t use any chemicalized drugs with various side effects on the human body.

Hence, explore the most popular healing therapies such as mindfulness, reflexology, hypnosis, or energy healing to overcome medical conditions.