5 Ways How to Safely Go Grocery Shopping in 2021


To be honest, 2 years ago I wouldn’t believe that I will need to write an article about safely going shopping in the modern world.

If someone told me that, I would probably think they were crazy or paranoid. But here we are, it’s 2021 and shopping has drastically changed.

Going grocery shopping isn’t the same as it was a year ago, it’s even more of a chore than it used to be.

Instead of dealing with long lines and crowded parking lots, we’re dealing with a much more threatening menace. A pandemic.

For those of us who still want to go to the grocery store instead of using expensive delivery services, there are ways to be safe while shopping. Here’s how you can protect yourself while grocery shopping in 2021.

5 Ways How to Safely Go Grocery Shopping:


1. Wear a Mask.

We all know by now how necessary it is to wear a mask in public, and going to the grocery store is no different.

The CDC recommends doubling up on masks these days, so it’d be in your best interest to make sure you’re protected by wearing N95 face masks.

These masks, which you can find at retailers like Green Supply, offer multi layer protection and filter out 95 percent of droplets.

Remember to keep both your mouth and nose covered at all times to prevent the spread of the virus.

There are new variants of the coronavirus, so we still have to be safe whenever we’re out and about, especially grocery shopping.

2. Go When There Are Fewer Crowds.

While the early morning hours have been reserved for the elderly and those with compromised immune systems, you can still find a time to go shopping when there are fewer crowds.

The weekends are usually the busiest time, so try to go in the middle of the day on a weekday.

3. Keep It Short and Sweet.

Spending as little time in the grocery store as possible is the best course of action.

Before you go, make a list of what you need and get everything on your list from each aisle before leaving it. Or if you can, use our memory techniques.

There’s really no need to visit an aisle twice. If you can, don’t take a lot of personal belongings into the store with you.

4. Go Alone.

Don’t drag the entire family along with you to the grocery store, especially when most store guidelines request that as few family members as possible enter the store.

Doing this can help limit the spread of the virus. If you’re not feeling well or you have a fever, stay home and ask someone to do your grocery shopping for you.

5. Be Mindful and Sanitize.

Before you go into the store, sanitize your hands and then do it again after you leave.

While in the store, avoid touching things you’re not sure you need, browsing should be done with your eyes only.

Who knows how many other people touched the same products you touched and how good their hygiene is.

Use an alcohol based hand sanitizer before removing your mask.

And don’t forget to wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds when you get home.

Staying Safe Throughout the Pandemic:

Grocery shopping can be daunting for many of us, but there are plenty of ways to ensure your safety.

From wearing a mask, doubling up, going when there are fewer crowds, going alone and sanitizing before and after your trip, you should have no problem staying safe throughout the course of the pandemic.