3 Easy Steps How to Find Your Purpose in Life


If you ever wondered about how to find your purpose in life, you will know after watching this video, you’ll learn the 3 necessary steps how to Find your Purpose, Follow it and Reach it, in the most effective way possible.

3 Easy Steps How to Find Your Purpose:

Step 1. Know what you play with, Time and Energy.

What people do not understand is that they have 2 resources given to them, Time and Energy.

We were all given these as default, 24 hours and a bucket full of energy.

We are gardeners in a way, and we all have 24 hour permit to enter the garden every day.

Our energy is what we feed the flowers or weeds that we grow in our garden.

There is one rule though, when your bucket of energy gets empty you have to go out of the garden and recharge.

Wherever we invest our time and energy those things grow.

Most people don’t know their purpose so they waste their time and energy on things that don’t lead them anywhere in life.

They end up in random places that they don’t really want to be at. That’s why it’s crucial to know how to find your purpose.

But even earlier than finding your purpose, it is a must to know what you play with.

Step 2. Know the difference between Rational and Irrational Fear.

Finding your purpose it’s beautiful. But your way, no matter what your purpose is, you will face Fear.

We are all afraid of something, and that’s normal. But the fear you are going to face is not FEAR. It’s a different emotion.

It doesn’t tell you to run, hide, fight or flight. It tells you that you are approaching the edges of your comfort zone.

This is what I call “Irrational Fear”, because when it shows up your life is not in real danger.

That’s why step 2, even before knowing your purpose is learning to differentiate between these two similar, but very different emotions.

You must know the difference between rational and irrational fear. Listen to rational fear, but use irrational fear as a guide that leads you closer to your Purpose.

Use irrational fear as a guide. Pushing your boundaries is how you find more about who you really are, but also what is more aligned with your purpose.

Step 3. Start walking towards your purpose.

Once you have a glimpse of your purpose, or you’ve joined my MASTERCLASS and I helped you discover your purpose, you must follow the necessary steps.

When you know your purpose it’s easy to set the steps you need to take and goals you need to reach.

All you have to do now is to implement the first 2 steps, but in the right direction.

Invest your time and energy towards your purpose, follow the necessary steps.

If you want to write a Novel, write 1 page every day for 180 days. If you want to be a YouTube star that plays a guitar, invest 1 hour of your day for guitar lessons.

Time and Energy is what you have to invest. Where you invest these things, that’s what grows in your garden.

Then, be willing to face your Irrational Fears as they show up. If you want to be a famous coach and you need to do public speaking, it’s normal to experience this Irrational Fear.

But now you know that it doesn’t tell you to stop and run away. It tells you “Hey, you are approaching the edges of your comfort zone!” That’s all it says.

Your job is to listen, hear it out, and say “I know, but that’s where I want to grow towards!” and do what you have to, face that Irrational Fear.

All of these, these 3 steps will lead you to your Purpose.

And just being aligned with your purpose is more rewarding than anything you can think of.

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