How to Start Playing The Greater Game of Life


Most people play the smaller game of life. When I say smaller game I mean that most people are losers.

And when I say most people I mean 99% of everyone you know is a loser that will waste their life.

That’s the truth. I don’t intend to insult or say something offensive, in fact, I want for things to be different.

I write about it, coach about it, make 500+ pages books about it. But that’s the damn truth. People are losers and most will stay losers no matter what.

It’s not that they were born with less of something, it’s because they are too stubborn to see the raw nature of life. It’s because of their Ego, nothing else.

They will keep on chasing material things, they will be addicted to emotions, they will live their whole life as if tomorrow will be better than today.

They will waste everything already given to them, ignore it, chase the carrot on the stick.

And they will die. They will waste their life. That’s most people. They believe they can win life by getting more, by reaching something.

How to Play The Greater Game of Life?

They play to win at life, and that’s why they ruthlessly lose until they die. It’s brutal, but life has no mercy for losers who don’t realize this is the reward.

You were born. You won. Congratulations!

Life is the reward, you don’t have to prove anything to anyone, you don’t need to get approval from anyone.

All you have to do is live. Find your style, and live. Find something that fulfills you and GO ALL IN.

Everything else is waste of time. It doesn’t matter at the end of the day. It’s not something you’ll regret on your deathbed. It’s not really important.

Yet, most people stress about those trivialities and allow them to control their life.

I don’t want you to end up like that. A pathetic loser. I don’t want you to waste your life playing the smaller game.

Start playing the greater game of life.

How to start playing the greater game?

It’s really easy to start.

👉 Play as if life is the reward.

Stop trying to win at life, to be better than others, and just live. Stop trying to please others, get approval, prove who you are. We are all the same.

See all the blessings around you, given to you, find something that’s worth living for and live.

Everyone will forget you 100 years from now, whatever you do. Nobody will even speak your name.

Stop trying to win and you will be a winner. It’s easy, but just because it’s so easy most people overcomplicate their lives.

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