3 Things You Need to Do Before Your Next Trip To The Beach


If you love frolicking on the beach with your family and friends, you know that lack of preparation can turn a lovely beach time into a mishap, especially if you’re tagging your kids along.

A perfect beach trip, whether it lasts for hours, a day, or a week, requires knowing what the weather will and being safe rather than sorry for stuffing your beach bags to the brim.

By taking all the essential items, you can avoid bugs and mosquitoes from biting every inch of your exposed skin or seize a toddler’s epic tantrums for not being able to eat some snacks.

Before hitting the road, we suggest you do these 3 things to prepare for a lovely time at the beach.

3 Things You Need to Do Before a Trip:


1. Plan the trip.

Before you even start doing anything else you should know where you are going, right?

You should know what dates your trip will take place and with who, for how long.

These are essential questions you need to answer so you can start applying the other 2 things.

2. Do your research.

Check the weather.

Due to global warming, the weather has become more unpredictable these days.

It could rain during the summer season, and there’s nothing more disappointing than an incoming storm damping your fun under the sun.

Thus, before setting a date for your beach trip, you may want to check with the weatherman or the weather apps for predictions.

If the weather’s great, nothing can stop you from taking Instagram worthy and gorgeous beach photos.

Research about the place.

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing the right beach venue.

Do you prefer a quiet me or we time or a crowded, noisy beachside?

What are the amenities available?

Can you cook barbecue, build a campfire, or roast marshmallows?

Can you take your pets along?

Is there a lifeguard?

You’d want to know the answers to these questions before clicking the “Book Now” button.

3. Prepare necessities.

This largely depends on the length of your stay and who you’re with. We recommend these basic items, though.

Swimming gear.

When going to the beach, it’s always a great idea to pack your swimming gear. A two piece bikini, a rash guard, and snorkel allow you to have fun under water. For serious swimmers, pack your swimming cap, goggles, fins, too.


To avoid the damaging effects of the sun’s rays, you’re advised to apply sunblock cream 30 minutes before sun exposure and every two hours thereafter.

First Aid Kit.

Important medications, wound dressings, and antiseptics should always be in your arsenal.

Bug Spray.

There’s nothing more annoying than being bitten by bugs and mosquitoes everywhere, so take a bug spray with you. Besides, you’d want to avoid catching bug and mosquito borne diseases, especially if you’re vacationing out of the country.

Beach Towels.

Keeping yourself dry after a long or quick dip in the water is a must. Plus, you can use the towel to prevent sand from getting stuck in your bum while you’re basking under the sun.


A hot and humid beach weather calls for a cold drink, and you need a cooler to keep your consumables and your head cool.


Prevent hunger by packing some snacks, such as sandwiches, in the cooler.


When on the beach or in the water, or basically anywhere, make sure to hydrate.

Extra underwear and clothes.

Staying wet after you’ve moved out of the water causes discomfort, which is why having a set of new and dry clothes is a must.

Fit flops and aqua shoes.

It’s nice to go barefoot while walking on the shore. But when you’re in the water, it may be better to wear slippers or aqua shoes to protect your feet from cuts.

Items for play.

Exposure to too much heat, sun, and wind can stress your babies, turning them into wailing monsters. For their comfort, consider taking these items to the beach, Folding beach chairs and tables, Pop up beach tent, Beach umbrella, Beach ball, Rubber toys, Frozen water balloons, Portable potty. If you’re starting to feel overwhelmed, take some time out and practice a few of these easy and effective ways to relieve stress.

Who doesn’t love the beach, the sand, the surf, and everything else in between? A person who failed to prepare for a beach trip, that’s who. So, don’t be that person. Turn a good beach time into a great, fun filled time, whether you’re alone, with a loved one, or with kids. Things should be easy and exciting once you know the things you need.