What is The Country that Offers the Safest Working Conditions


One third of your life you sleep, and another third of your life you work. So this means that finding the right working conditions is huge factor when it comes to living a happy life.

It’s not just the work you do but the way you do it. You have probably heard this. But here we will add one more variable, the place you work.

The rights and treatment of workers are among the main metrics of a developed society.

How you’re treated by your employer and the state has a direct impact on your quality of life.

Needless to say, not all countries offer the same type of working conditions. Some are way above average while some are surprisingly below it.

Here are the top countries ranked by the safest working conditions that you should have on your list.

Top 4 Countries with Safest Working Conditions:


1. Denmark.

The Nordic region of Europe is traditionally a bastion of workers rights and good working conditions.

However, even these countries have a hierarchy of their own.

Of all the Nordic countries, Denmark is the best place for those who appreciate good working conditions.

Workers in Denmark are given 25 days of vacation every year, complete healthcare coverage, child allowance, maternity benefits, at least 5 weeks of standard paid holiday time as well as a vacation bonus where you get 1% of your gross salary every May.

If you’re feeling stressed out by your working conditions, a move to Denmark may be for the best.

2. Australia.

When you move out of Europe, Australia is the next best place to seek employment.

Worker rights are valued in Australia. This country has one of the highest numbers of unions while there is also a very strong conciliation system in place that is federally funded and proven to be fairly unbiased. Australian workers can also benefit from 18 weeks of paid paternal leave, which also applies to adoption cases.

The USA and Australia allow for self insurance, meaning that you may want to look into alternative features if you feel like you aren’t going to be compensated for an incident at your workplace.

That being said, Australia has one of the best healthcare systems in the world, their system is more than capable of covering almost everyone’s needs.

3. Canada.

If you’re on the North American continent and wondering where is the best place to work, the answer is Canada.

The northernmost country in the Americas is home to legislation that is fairly protective of the worker.

Workers in Canada get state funded health insurance, choice of treating physician, as well as most provinces covering mental stress claims with no physical injury.

The extent of Employment Insurance workers can apply for is immense. Canadians are covered for all kinds of work-related injuries, loss of work, and more.

4. USA.

It is no secret that the United States is leaning more towards the rights of employers than the rights of employees.

As far as health insurance goes, workers in the US aren’t entitled to any state funded healthcare plans.

Instead, they have to purchase an insurance plan on their own.

There are also limits on chiropractic and physical therapy in some states.

Despite being the largest superpower in the world, the US worker protection laws are way behind the curve compared to other first world nations. You may also want to check if your place of employment has options for discrimination and wrongful termination to ensure your workplace is offering a safe and stable environment for your mental health.

Wherever you live, it is imperative that you are familiar with your rights and obligations as a member of your country’s workforce. Every developed and most developing countries have at least some safeties in place. Knowing what they are can make all the difference in case you ever need them.

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