Why It Is Important To Listen To Your Body and The 5 Organs to Give Attention to Daily


Our bodies are sacred, and we are lucky to have been blessed by them, to begin with.

Thus, we need to take care of it and nourish it to keep ourselves healthy and live a longer life. Sadly, there may be times when we experience slip ups when we try taking care of our bodies.

We are so accustomed to having cheat days that our cheat days become an everyday habit. Thus, the more we give in to temptation, the more we abuse our bodies.

This decreases our bodily functions which cause different kinds of diseases such as obesity and liver function deterioration. When will we ever learn, and why is it important to listen to our body?

With years of eating junk and lack of exercise, our bodies start crying for help. These cries may start with a few aches that are manageable at the start, however, over time, this will only worsen and cause a lot more pain when left unnoticed or unattended.

Thus, it is important to not only learn how to read the signs but to actually be aware and notice them.

Before you can properly take care of your body, you need to first understand why it is essential to do so. We can break it down to a few special organs that allow us to run, breathe, and enjoy the pleasures of life.

5 Organs to Give Attention to Daily:


1. The Brain.

Our brain allows us to think and make decisions. It is our body’s command center.

Without the brain, we cannot perform normal functions like lifting our arms and moving our legs.

Likewise, it is the brain that stores our memories and knowledge, such as people’s names, the things we learn in school, etc.

When we damage our brain, we might lose our memories, or worse, we become vegetables, slang for someone who is paralyzed.

2. The Human Heart.

Every day, our heart pumps 2000 gallons of blood in our body. It flows throughout the circulatory system. When our heart stops beating, we die.

Thus, we should learn how to take care of it by eating proper food that contains the nutrients needed to keep our hearts healthy.

Eating too much fat will cause us to gain weight, and the bigger we get, the harder it is for our heart to keep up.

The right amount of exercise should be done on a daily basis to strengthen the heart’s capacity.

If you feel something unusual, it’s best to visit the doctor to make sure everything is okay.

3. The Digestive System.

Every few hours, we fuel up and eat to keep ourselves going for the day.

Our digestive system processes what we take in and make sure that we can excrete the unnecessary waste in our bodies.

Sometimes, when we get too busy, we forget to eat. This causes stomach pain and ulcer, which will damage our digestive system.

Thus, make sure you eat regularly so that you are in pristine condition.

4. The Lungs.

This unique pair is what allows us to breathe daily. Taking care of your lungs involves not smoking and inhaling poisonous elements.

Once your lungs take in smoke on a daily basis, it turns black because of the nicotine and will decrease its function.

To take care of your lungs, do daily exercises, and focus only on things that will keep you healthy.

5. The Skin.

Our skin is the largest organ of the body. It serves as protection for what’s underneath.

The skin is very sensitive to the rays of the run, and it can also get irritating when we eat very salty, oily, and fatty food.

Thus, exercise eating vegetables and food rich in vitamins and minerals to keep the skin looking young and fresh to avoid getting acne. Likewise, stressing out is not an option, and studies have proven that there is a link between stress and acne.

What You Should Remember?

Our bodies are very complex. They are made up of different organs that strive to work together as one to allow us our daily motions.

When we take our bodies for granted, we end up having none at all, and this means a sad case of leaving the life we physically know.

While junk food is delicious and indulging in sweets is such a joy, it is necessary to keep a balanced diet so you can stay in the safe zone. Likewise, do regular exercises daily.

Even an hour’s worth of running and stretching will get you somewhere. Keep your body moving and practice mindfulness because too much stress can cause an outbreak.

Also, learn to love and accept who you are, and embrace all your flaws and imperfections.

Continue to work on improving yourself, because you will be living with that body for the rest of your life.