3 Ways How to Protect Yourself from Radiation in The Modern World


Nuclear warfare has changed the way the entire world sees war and violence.

The Second World War brought the immediate damaging effects of nuclear war to the forefront for the first time and revealed how devastating the long term effects could be.

For military personnel, radiation is not a new hazard that they are dealing with.

Over 200,000 service members were participants in the testing of nuclear warfare equipment in the United States in the period between 1945 and 1963.

However, as technology advanced the world changed and now, small amounts of radiation are present in our everyday life.

It’s important to know how to protect yourself from too much exposure and what are the different types of radiation.

How Dangerous is Radiation?

What radiation basically means is light energy that can affect the stability of the atom. Not every radiation is the same.

There is a difference between watching TV and having an X ray scan. Some is more harmful than the other.

Also, there are different types of radiation, for example, external and internal.

External exposure is when the radioactive source remains outside the body, but the radiation passes through.

Internal exposure, however, is when radioactive materials enter the body through inhalation.

All of these factors play a role in determining how dangerous a specific radiation exposure is.

Radiation exposure can cause long term damage that can harm many generations to follow.

Research about radiation exposure is still ongoing, and there is a lot more to discover.

However, it is more than clear that if there is a prolonged period of exposure there are consequences to health.

Some of the diseases that can be caused by severe exposure to harmful radiation are, Cancers of all kinds, Lymphomas, Parathyroid adenoma, Leukemia, Multiple myeloma, Posterior subcapsular cataracts, Brain tumors, Tumors in the central nervous system, and other similar diseases.

That’s why knowing how to protect yourself from the harmful effects of radiation exposure is important.

3 Ways How to Protect Yourself from Radiation:


1. Know the radiation you are exposed to.

When working with radiations, it is ideal to remain vigilant and carry radiation detectors for protection. It is important to be aware of the level of radiation around so that necessary precautions can be taken accordingly.

Soldiers, for example, can benefit tremendously from using radiation detectors since they will remain alert to the danger that might befall them.
There are various types of radiation detectors that do the job well, but all of them come with their own benefits.

The army can use radioactivity detectors for measurement, protection, and search. If they are already aware that there is a chance of being around radioactive materials, they can use the equipment to monitor and establish the radioactive field. Once they understand the boundaries of the radiation and its area of contamination, they can make an effort to avoid it.

In the same way you should also be aware of the radiation different objects in your life produce so you can know the danger of amount of exposure from each.

Cell phones, fluorescent lamps, watches, clocks, televisions, computers, and even ceramics and glass all emit some form of radiation, but at low enough rates that they have no known effect on your health. However, long and severe exposure might not be considered healthy.

So you should limit too much exposure to TV, your phone, you can maybe get some protective glasses for your eyes if you work with screens.

Too much exposure on sunlight is also bad. We need sunlight in our day to day life to produce vitamin D and for many other processes of our body that add to our health. But as everything, this too should not exceed the frames of what we can take as this biological structure that we are.

2. Avoid cigarettes and x rays as much as possible.

Probably the highest amount of radiation you’ll get in day to day life is if you do X Ray check. In one screening this produces around the radiation you get from smoking for a whole year.

And yeah, smoking is not just harmful for your health for various other reasons, it also puts you in contact with small amounts of radioactive material.

Tar from tobacco traps this particles within your lungs and you get exposure to radiation from the inside directly to your lungs.

So avoiding X Ray and smoking cigarettes as much should be on your list, however, as long as there is a good enough reason for the X Ray screening the benefits exceed the risks.

3. Lead more natural life.

Yes it’s true that the modern life adds stress, anxiety and even depression to most of us. But not just that, technology pushes us more towards higher radiation and away from where our natural evolution intended for us to be.

When you take time from your day to day life and technology, to go and surround yourself in nature, you are not just clearing your mind but also you are away from the harmful effects of the modern society.

Having this as a practice is not such a bad idea if you are worried about being exposed too much around things that might cause your health problems.

How to Use This Article?

πŸ‘‰ Step 1. Audit the radiation you are exposed to every day and manage a healthy boundary.

πŸ‘‰ Step 2. Avoid unnecessary things that cause the highest amount of radiation in your life.

πŸ‘‰ Step 3. Apply more natural approach to living and if that’s not for you, at least have one day in your week around nature and away from technology.

All the knowledge on the planet will not help you if you do not take action.