The 5 Things You Should Know About A Sage Archetype


In his lifelong mission to understand the mysteries of the human brain and behavior, psychoanalyst Carl Jung proposed the idea of personality archetypes.

Archetypes are an accumulation of patterns, beliefs, and experiences of the human race that became eventually embedded in our genetic makeup over the years.

Carl Jung Introduced 12 Personality Archetypes:

The Ruler,

The Artist,

The Sage,

The Innocent,

The Explorer,

The Rebel,

The Wizard,

The Hero,

The Everyman,

The Lover,

The Caregiver,

The Jester,

If you want to learn more about each of them you can read everything about the 12 archetypes here.

Here we will focus only on one of these.

Arguably the most interesting archetype among the twelve, this article zooms in to the nitty gritty of the Sage Archetype.

What is a Sage Archetype?

While there is a myriad of Sage archetype traits, one of their most prominent characteristics is their thirst for knowledge.

They believe that wisdom and truth are the major keys to freedom.

For the sage archetype, life is a series of lessons that we need to unlock in order to advance spiritually.

Yes, the greatest mission of this archetype is nothing but spiritual awakening.

They see their external endeavors as a reflection of their quests within.

The sage archetype is most likened with teachers and mentors. They learn so they can share.

They see their wisdom as a tool to help other people achieve their maximum spirituality.

People under this archetype are those who are fine with taking the backseat, supporting the leads.

They take pride in guiding people towards their success instead of being in the spotlight themselves.

What is The Dark Side of The Sage?

Just like the other archetypes, the Sage archetype can have its dark side as well.

This usually shows in people’s close mindedness to understand perspectives other than their own.

Because this archetype is used to being the mentor and the wise one, it can be hard for them to see things from another point of view.

This dark side can even extend to being so self righteous and judgmental of others.

Another possible dark side of the sage archetype is being a perfectionist.

Because they put so much value in learning, they can easily be carried away by their desire to succeed.

They have the tendency to be stubborn with their ways. Because they feel like their wisdom is enough that they don’t need help from others, they would stick to the path that they’re used to even if it’s obviously not working anymore.

What are The Main Traits of The Sage?

As mentioned, the most highlighted trait of the sage archetype is their endless seeking of wisdom.

They believe that as the mind develops, the spirit follows. They want to grow for themselves and for others.

They do not mind sharing what they know, as long as it means being of help to other people.

Their ways are stable because they are founded in logic.

They like working with facts because that’s what helps them make informed, unbiased decisions.

Although they may come off as rigid, the sage archetype is good in leading people.

They want people to develop as they do.

They are a great source of support especially when you are asking for help in their field of expertise.

The sage archetype is the best trainer you can have.

What are The 5 Things You Should Know About Sage’s Life:


The Greatest Weakness is Its Fear of Ignorance.

The greatest weakness of the sage archetype is their fear of being perceived as ignorant.

Although it’s good that they always thrive to develop themselves, they would sometimes forget the purpose of doing it.

They get easily blinded by their desire to prove their intellect to everyone.

Failure is another weakness of the Sage archetype.

They don’t do well with things not going their way.

Even when some events are really beyond their control, they would still feel it’s because of their incompetence.

The Greatest Challenge is Coming Down from Their High Horse.

The main challenge for the sage archetype is to come down from their high horses.

Sometimes they can get too intoxicated by their own intelligence that they don’t see how far they have isolated themselves with other people.

Their passion for wisdom becomes a gateway to be arrogant and condescending.

Because of this, the sage archetype is always called upon to practice humility.

They need to see the world beyond their own lenses.

They are Wise About Their Finances.

There is nothing to worry about a Sage’s finances.

Most people in this archetype are wise when it comes to their money.

Because they possess so much knowledge, they have developed plenty of skills that they can use to earn.

They are also the types to invest and find more ways to make additional money.

However, the Sage archetype is still known to subscribe to a simple life.

Despite their financial success, they are not ones to mindlessly spend on things that they don’t need.

They Lead Mostly Unhealthy Physical Life.

The Sage archetype is known to focus on developing their minds, usually neglecting their physical growth.

Their time is mostly taken up by studying.

This result to most of them leading a rather unhealthy lifestyle.

They got no time to exercise, and love to get food in an instant.

People under this archetype also need to check their emotional health.

Because they are always busy, they fail to acknowledge most of their issues brewing inside.

They Crave Stability.

When it comes to finding a partner, the Sage archetype craves stability.

They like to know that things are under control.

They hate last minute change of plans, unpredictable behavior, or erratic mood swings.

They want a partner who is committed to the relationship as much as they are.

In return, a Sage partner is someone you can always depend on.

Being in a relationship with a Sage offers immense comfort and peace of mind.

What You Should Remember About This Archetype?

People belonging to the Sage archetype are intellectually powerful.

They understand how the world functions, they know carry knowledge and they possess the right wisdom to thrive in life.

They are grounded and stable.

They know what they want and are always ready to achieve it.

The need to learn to slow down.

However, the Sage archetype should be careful with the pace they’re trying to achieve things in.

Because they have the tendency to charge like a bull when they are pursuing something, their ways can sometimes backfire on them.

What the Sage needs to learn is to slow down and assess things using different perspectives.