4 Ways How Vaping Helps to Relieve Anxiety


Everyone experiences anxiety at some point in their lives. Just like any other emotion, anxiety is a messenger that shares an important message, it might be telling you to slow down and see where you lack self trust, what uncertainty are you facing, what can you do about it.

Anxiety is normal to occur. However, some individuals experience chronic anxiety and debilitating mental health disorders that are difficult to overcome. This struggle leads affected individuals to seek outside assistance.

If you deal with anxiety chronically please consult with a professional doctor, or visit a psychiatrist that will look into your situation and determine from where it comes.

In this article we will share 4 ways people say that vaping helped them relieve their anxiety in the moment they were feeling it. But know this, we are not advising vaping, in our opinion vaping is another way to escape feeling anxiety, just like smoking cigarettes, but slightly better.

In our opinion the best way to deal with anxiety is to embrace it, observe it, take the message it is trying to tell you and release the energy behind it. We have created whole program of Emotional Mastery that will teach you step by step how to tame your negative emotions.

However, if you are interested to know how exactly vaping helps to relieve anxiety, we will share the 4 ways all of those who vape mutually agreed on. Keep reading.

4 Ways Vaping Helps to Relieve Anxiety:


1. Versatility and Control Over Substance.

One of the many ways that vaping is different than smoking is the control over the substance.

Many vapers don’t use nicotine and have no interest in replicating the smoking experience. Instead, they use fun vape juice flavors or CBD oils.

CBD has become a wunderkind since its legalization in 2018. Numerous studies have shown promising results in treating anxiety and depression, as well as neurological disorders like epilepsy. As it turns out, vaping is an excellent way to deliver CBD oil and relieve anxiety.

If you currently use CBD oil in other forms, start with a small dose when vaping as the delivery can be intensified in this form.

2. Accessible and Discrete.

Vaping is accessible and discrete, making it easier and less stressful for people with anxiety to obtain.

You can get affordable vaporizers at Atomic Blaze without having to worry about expensive recurring costs that are associated with smoking or over the counter medications.

As vape pens are small and portable, it’s easy to use them quickly while on the go.

Many devices have control functions that allow you to limit the vapor output, making it possible to vape without any visible clouds. As many vape pens are ready to use at any time, it’s also easy to duck out of a social setting for a quick moment without disrupting anyone.

3. Safer than Other Options.

Many people who smoke struggle to quit because of the perceived stress relief of nicotine.

While there are still concerns surrounding vaping, there are notable improvements in health and safety when switching from smoking.

In addition to having control over the dosage of nicotine, vapes also have a cooler combustion and delivery method.

This aspect of vape devices is thought to release fewer toxins and deliver the product more efficiently.

Smokers who switch can reap the stress and anxiety relief with fewer long term health concerns.

Just the thought that you have bigger control over the dosage and that it’s with fewer toxins than cigarettes is relieving.

4. Aromatherapeutic Scents.

As mentioned before, not all vapers are interested in nicotine or other substances.

Some people use their vape as a new age form of aromatherapy. Many e liquids come in a variety of aromatherapeutic scents that instill calm and peacefulness when used. Lavender, for example, has long been used in aromatherapy for its anxiety fighting benefits.

People who enjoy using essential oils to combat anxiety could enjoy this benefit of vaping.

That being said, there are no studies about vaping essential oils, and it’s believed that heating them up could cause volatility and instability in the natural compounds. As a result, ingesting essential oils in this way could be harmful.

Rather than repurposing essential oils, it’s better to purchase vape juice with aromatherapeutic scents.

When it comes to treating anxiety, vaping isn’t for everyone. However, there are a few benefits that make vaping an option worth exploring.

And note that we are not advising vaping. In our opinion you should take control over your habits and implement ones that are healthy for you and constructive for your character. Relief is temporary, you should strive to fix your problems instead of just quickly escaping them. Stay healthy and stay safe.