4 Main Reasons More Canadian Medical Patients Are Applying for an ACMPR License


Canada has always been a major player and leader in medical marijuana laws and legislation.

Since the Canadian government is so progressive when it comes to this topic, many other countries look to Canada as a framework for their own marijuana related policies.

Although it wasn’t until recently that the Great White North played a key role in recreational cannabis, they officially legalized it nationwide in 2018, Canada has been giving compassion to patients who need marijuana for medical treatment since 2001.

The medical marijuana program, called the ACMPR, has been changing the lives of those who are sick, in pain, struggling with anxiety, battling depression, and dealing with glaucoma for decades.

More Canadians than ever are applying for an ACMPR license.

4 Main Reasons Canadian Medical Patients Apply for an ACMPR License:


1. Easy Access.

Just because Canada has free healthcare doesn’t mean that it’s always easy for a patient to access his or her medical needs and treatment, and this is especially true if that treatment calls for the regular use of marijuana.

A lot of people assume that accessing marijuana for anxiety, pain, arthritis, or any other medical treatment would be easier than ever now that recreational cannabis is officially legalized.

But it’s actually even more difficult now since the demand for cannabis products is growing, which means the suppliers often struggle to keep up.

Growing medical plants from home is an easy fix to all of the problems relating to access.

Patients never have to worry about their local dispensary running out of product, they don’t even have to leave the house to access the treatment they need.

2. Quick, Easy Application Process.

Many medical patients in Canada consider applying, but then back off the idea because they either assume that they’d never get approval, or the application will be lengthy, grueling, and difficult.

It’s actually quite the opposite. Yes, there is some paperwork involved and every applicant needs to prove their need for medical marijuana with a prescription from a licensed professional.

But nowadays, many doctors are more liberal about prescribing marijuana to patients, and as far as the application paperwork goes, it can be completed in an hour or two.

3. Government Approval.

Technically, not everyone is guaranteed approval. But if you’re actually applying for a medical license to grow for the right reasons, you have a very good chance of being approved.

As long as you receive a valid RX from either a doctor or nurse practitioner and you properly fill out your forms, there’s no reason you shouldn’t receive a license in the mail.

That said, things do go wrong for some medical patients, especially in terms of filling out the paperwork properly. The easiest way to keep that from happening is to hire an ACMPR professional service or individual who has experience and knowledge about the application process.

There are a lot of scammers out there that claim to be the real deal when it comes to ACMPR consulting, but they disappear as soon as they receive your deposit or fail to follow through on their promise for guaranteed approval.

The good news is that there are a few good guys out there that actually will follow through, and they’ll make the process as simple, fast, and pain free as possible.

Sites like https://www.cannabisgrowingcanada.com/ can get you licensed fast so that you’re growing your own medical grade marijuana from home in a matter of weeks.

4. More Affordable Treatment.

This last reason is possibly the most significant for why so many more Canadians are applying to the ACMPR.

The demand for cannabis in Canada is higher than ever before, mainly thanks to legalization.

With higher demand comes higher prices, and these prices can quickly add up for someone using marijuana for treatment.

Growing from home is an easy way to save big on medical costs. Instead of paying for overpriced products at a dispensary or medical clinic, an ACMPR license allows patients to harvest their own plants for major savings. This makes it possible to grow top shelf strains for a fraction of the cost.

On top of all these reasons, many ACMPR growers claim that they finally found a hobby they love and a green thumb they never knew existed.

It’s a win win for every Canadian medical marijuana patient, so it’s no surprise that applications continue to roll in by the day.