3 Ways How to manage and reduce financial stress


Money isn’t the be all and end all of daily life, but it can be the source of many of our worries.

Particularly when you’ve got people around you that are dependent on you, it motivates many choices and paths that we decide to take. 

Do you find yourself getting stressed with money, and worrying about your financial future all too often?

We’ve compiled a short guide on how to manage some of the woes that come with money on a daily basis, and some actionable tips that you could try to help yourself get further along that roadmap on your way to becoming financially free.

3 Ways How to manage financial stress:


1. Streamline your spending and savings.

When you’ve got a bit of time, using accumulated bank statements and your online banking platform or app of choice, zero in on the essentials that you need to pay for. Evaluate. And, then trim the fat a bit with regard to subscriptions and payments that you no longer need or use.

If you struggle to find motivation in saving, why not try one of the many different savings challenges or games?

Tasks such as the 1P savings challenge, for instance, can be a fun way of accumulating a rainy day fund to get started with.

Before you know it, you’ll have a better overall grasp on your financial situation, as you force yourself out of negative habits.

2. Invest your money for the future.

If you have some savings that you feel aren’t doing much for you, just sat in an account, and not gaining any traction, it might be a good idea to start thinking about an investment portfolio that could form the backbone of your finances for years to come.

It’s important to remember that investments aren’t risk free, with some markets more volatile than others. So you should have a think about which strategy might be right for you, depending on the amount of money you can feasibly afford to allocate to an investment.

If interested in the property market, for example, you might decide to look at some emerging markets, such as the student property investment market in the UK, across cities such as Liverpool and Manchester. In their many different guides to the area, award winning property investment company RWinvest refer to the city as one of the most exciting for forward thinking, off plan developments with high rental yield incomes.

3. Seek help and advice.

If you’re still struggling to see a clear pathway out of the financial rut that you’re in currently, try not to stress too much, and reach out for some support.

Speaking to a financial advisor will help to provide an outsider’s perspective on your financial situation, and build steps with you in a direction you can take that’s positive.

It’s always good to get a fresh, outsider’s perspective. After all, we are here to help each other.

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