5 Uncommon Gifts to Let Someone Know You’re Thinking About Them


Gift giving is a tradition likely as old as humanity itself and still one of the primary ways people express their feelings, communicate, and form social bonds.

The reason for giving a gift to someone you care about is so powerful is that it demonstrates empathy.

To buy a thoughtful gift is to step out of your own shoes and see things from the eyes of the gift recipient.

When he or she receives that perfect, thoughtful gift, it’s meaningful because it shows that you’ve empathized with how they’re feeling and what they want.

That’s why giving gifts is still one of the primary ways that we show our affection and appreciation of one another, and while gift giving customs vary from culture to culture, the act of finding that perfect something for that special someone is universal.

While in many cases we have linked gift giving to specific traditions or holidays such as Christmas or birthdays, there is reason to suspect that surprise gifts can be even more powerful.

A surprise or just because gift is by definition not motivated by some social custom or expectation, and they can show that the gift giver’s intentions are to genuinely show his love and affection.

Surprise gifts can jolt gift recipients into the present and out of their routine or monotony.

Being fully and completely present is an extremely satisfying psychological state and surprising someone with a gift can be a great way to pull their attention into the present moment and away from the concerns of daily life.

In a sense, surprise gifts offer more than just the accumulation of something material.

They also offer people the chance to snap out of normal worries and be reminded of those close to them.

Random acts of kindness, including buying gifts for no specific occasion are often the most thrilling and rewarding.

With all that being said, let’s go over some of the best gifts to let someone know you’re thinking about them and surprise them with affection and goodwill.

5 Gifts to Let Someone Know that You Care:


1. A Personalized Flower Bouquet.

Flowers are the perfect way to surprise someone you care about when they least expect it and show that you care about them.

They can be delivered just about anywhere, leaving you free to surprise your special someone at their home, office, or anywhere else you can think of.

Many flower delivery services also allow you to include a customized note so that you can deliver a loving message as well.

Flowers are a powerful gift because they act on a person’s sense of smell, the sense most linked with memory.

Receiving flowers can bring back the emotions of the past and the feelings of connection that we all cherish.

Moreover, they’re vibrant, colorful, and alive, and can act to freshen and enliven any environment.

2. An Edible Arrangement or Box of Chocolates.

Edible arrangements are all the rage these days, and it’s easy to see why.

They’re complete with a variety of different snacks and munchies so you can be sure there’s something for everyone.

Moreover, their colorful, pretty packaging makes you feel like it’s your birthday when you’re receiving one, even if it isn’t.

An edible arrangement, or even its more cliche counterpart, a box of chocolates, works to activate the gift recipient’s sense of taste, linking the happiness they feel receiving the package to the explosion of flavors they feel afterward.

Chocolates in particular help to activate an explosion of feel good endorphins.

Many researches, like this one, suggested that chocolate improves brain health and cognition as a whole, aside from aiding in the release of these feel good hormones.

They increase levels of the calming neurotransmitter serotonin and also stimulate brain cells so that they release higher levels of dopamine.

Everything in moderations of course, but these findings do give cause for chocolate lovers to celebrate.

The fact that an edible arrangement or box of chocolates can induce these neurotransmitters makes the gift as experiential as it is symbolic.

3. A Charming Sock Set.

Finding gifts for men can often be particularly difficult.

Many men aren’t forthcoming with their wishlist, while others are resistant to indulge in material exuberance.

A good place to start is often to find a gift that serves some practical purpose and will be used on a regular basis.

That’s not to say that purely ornamental gifts are never a good fit for men, but finding something he will use in daily life will have him seeing the value in the gift and appreciating it on a regular basis.

This sock set from No Cold Feet is a perfect example of a gift that will be used on a consistent basis but still offer a playful flair.

Many men have trouble having fun with their fashion choices, but socks are an enjoyable way for them to play with colors and styles that might not be mainstays in their normal wardrobe.

They’re also a good example of a great surprise gift because they’re not over the top and they offer direct day to day utility.

4. A Delicate Aftershave or Perfume.

Much like the flowers, a refined aftershave, cologne, or perfume play on the ever powerful sense of smell.

For men, aftershave can be a good choice as it’s something they’re sure to need and use and perfume can be perfect for women because it incorporates a unique scent and story.

Be cautious not to buy something too strong, however, as many many people with sensitive noses will be hesitant to wear it.

This piece by the New York Times offers a step by step guide for finding the perfect perfume or cologne to buy as a gift and could be a helpful resource for those so inclined.

Don’t be shy to sample some different scents before buying and getting acquainted with your special someone’s fragrance preferences beforehand is normally a good move. Just don’t spoil the surprise.

5. A Book or Audiobook.

Gifts aren’t just about buying something pretty.

They can be as much about establishing an intellectual connection as anything else.

A book or audiobook can be a great, albeit somewhat risky, gift choice.

The risk, of course, is that he or she won’t enjoy the book, putting them in an awkward position.

Their choice at that point will be to either read a book they don’t like or admit they don’t like your gift. Things can get messy, but we’ve all been there.

However, with great risk, comes great reward. Give him or her a book they like and you’ll have something to talk about and relate to for hours to come.

What’s The Best Gift You Can Give to The World?

More than anything else, the first step to becoming a better gift giver is becoming a better version of yourself.

It’s only when you connect with yourself that you can embody the empathy required to give a gift that will truly make a difference.

For some, personal coaching can help to establish a deeper connection with oneself and others.

For others, self work is a more solitary path.

Either way, keep working on yourself so that you can embrace the empathy and love that is a part of every truly thoughtful gift.

Keeping up with a good lifestyle publication like we have on our website can be a good starting point. You can subscribe to our premium content or get in the Life Coach Code Academy to start decoding into the best version of yourself daily. You can even get someone you care about this subscription as a gift and make sure they become best version of themselves.

Buying a gift is the perfect way to show someone special that you’re thinking about them and that you care.

Do it often, and you’ll find it improves not just their happiness, but yours as well.

How to Use This Article?

Step 1. Think about someone you deeply care about.

Step 2. Evaluate what would be the best gift for them from the examples listed above.

Step 3. Surprise them with a gift and make their day a little bit happier no matter how gloomy the world looks.

All the knowledge on the planet will not help you if you do not take action.