3 Reasons Why Most Entrepreneurs Have Anxiety and Depression


What most people do not speak about is the fact that, after pushing past your boundaries, you need to know how to find yourself again.

Being an entrepreneur is far from easy. But if it’s something that you are driven towards then it’s worth it.

However, making your own path is not the only problem on the journey. Anxiety and depression are among the main bosses of playing the entrepreneur game.

The strong willingness to push past the obstacles, face your limitations and keep going comes with a price.

And it’s a price you pay after reaching your goals. It’s a result of pushing past the resistance of mediocrity.

Being an entrepreneur is more than just having a business, it’s about creating something that you want, something your own. But there are couple of pitfalls you should be aware of on the journey.

3 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Have Anxiety and Depression:


1. They are On The Right Path for The Wrong Reasons.

Starting a business, becoming an influencer, earning money and fame from the comfort of your home, all these things are highly appealing for everyone.

But to people who need an escape from their vulnerabity, these things are the magic cure that can save them from everything.

It’s the only alternative to avoid facing the vulnerable parts within.

If they can succeed, earn money, be worshipped by others, then they can finally prove to themselves that they are worthy, strong, enough!

They will win without facing the inner monsters, at least that’s the idea!

But what happens when you actually succeed.

You face the plastic beauty of that reality.

Reaching success from a place of escapism leads you to a plastic reality!

And there is no more a desireable place to escape toward.

So all the vulnerability and weakness you have been running away from catches up to you.

There is no other way to go but double down on so called success and keep running, or go within and embrace the storm!

2. They Push Themselves Past Their Limits.

We all have limits.

Most people live within these limits. We call this comfort zone.

But to be a successful entreprenwur you must push way past your limits.

It’s just how it is.

And when you push past your limits youndeal with fear, doubt, uncertainty!

You spebd more energy than others!

Sometimes you even go against your health!

All this is a GIANT red alert for your nervous system.

And anxiety is the messenger.

Depression is you being deffending itself, depleating you of energy in order to slow down, to rethink what you are doing, that maybe the role you have embarked to play is not that beneficial to your whole!

3. They Get Numb to Their Emotions.

When you are an entrepreneur, business owner, influencer, sometimes you have to turn your back on your emotions in order to create that perfect piece of content!

But your emotions are part of the real YOU, so you are turning your back on the real you for the purpose of success!

Here comes anxiety, depression, sometimes even panic attacks, they are wake up calls your emotional self is giving you!

We are all human.

We all have vulnerable parts within.

The problem is when we don’t know how to deal with these very human parts.

When nobody taught us how to be vulnerable in a healthy way, without being weak.

How to approach our vulnerability with our strength, and embrace the whole of who we are!

Anxiety is our coping mechanism when our vulnerability resurfaces!

But it doesn’t have to be!

How to Use This Article?

Step 1. Check if you are trying to succeed because of love or is it an ego desire, check if you pushed too far from your boundaries for too long, ask yourself if you have been ignoring your emotions.

Step 2. After evaluating yourself see what of these 3 necessary mistakes you have committed and what you need most help with.

Step 3. After you know what you need to work on, find help. We help online entrepreneurs to overcome anxiety in 12 weeks inside our Superhuman Upgrade program so you can take this step by subscribing bellow. As a bonus, You will also learn what all of your 24 Emotions are telling you daily, how to live the best life possible and play to win the game of life.

All the knowledge on the planet will not help you if you do not take action.