How is Muay Thai training and weight loss linked to each other


Trying to stay fit is what most people seek these days. As many people try different methods and become desperate for fast results they often chase the wrong things and miss on the practices with real benefit for their health.

Some of these methods that guarantee a miracle weight loss or an instant body shape are not exactly the healthiest in the fitness industry.

Actually, some of them may harm you in several ways and have long lasting consequences.

You’re probably looking for something else, and if that’s the case, there’s a recommendation here for you.

Muay Thai and Health:


It is Muay Thai. Introducing Muay Thai, we have to say it is a martial art and the most popular sport in Thailand. Actually, almost all families in Thailand have at least some experience in Muay Thai, and many children are enrolled from a very young age.

Along with their dietary patterns, Muay Thai is one of the reasons why Thai people are healthier compared to the Occidental world.

They do not have as much cardiovascular and metabolic diseases as people in the US and other parts of the world, and Muay Thai is probably a strong reason.

Muay Thai is associated with multiple cardiovascular benefits. It makes your heart stronger and more resistant, which is important as you age because the heart weakens and the blood vessels start to fail.

This can be fixed by practicing a martial art like Muay Thai because your cardiovascular system will get an instant boost and become prepared for any future challenge.

Additionally, Muay Thai training as it is at Suwit Muay Thai for example, it improves the way your body handles fat and cholesterol.

There are different particles they do here that help get rid of cholesterol in your blood, and you may have heard about good and bad cholesterol.

By practicing Muay Thai, your good cholesterol levels go up and your bad cholesterol levels go down, and this is helpful to prevent stroke and heart attack.

Even patients with a metabolic disease can benefit from Muay Thai. The best example is diabetes, and how these patients can actually improve their sugar levels by practicing this martial art.

It reduces insulin resistance, increasing the effectivity of this hormone and promoting its function. So, beyond weight loss, there are many health benefits for man and women who practice this sport.

If you decide to practice Muay Thai, one of the best places to do that is where Muay Thai was born.

Thailand is much more than a beautiful country with paradise islands and enjoyable beaches. It has an impressive culture, and experiencing Muay Thai is a part of that culture.

If you want to have a complete Muay Thai experience, come to our training camps. They are all over the country and offer special classes to foreigners and locals with the best instructors and facilities.