9 Ways How to be self motivated during this pandemic situation


I will be honest with you, I have experienced a variety of feelings related to the pandemic.

In the initial days, there was plenty of enthusiasm and hope that many people shared, including those on social media, and I could get a sense that people were indeed, making the most from the situation, and many people began to notice the joy of the simple things in life.

However, as time went on, the gloom factor seemed to increase daily. We begin to hear more people losing their jobs and others getting sick or dying, you watch the news and the only thing you see is job losses, economic recession, and deaths, and you may have experienced the loss or downsizing of your job. No more steady income, there seems to be a dark cloud over your future, and the life that you have always known is beginning to shut down.

In circumstances like these, it is easy to give into fear. It is easy to look at your situation, see that you have been confined to your home, and feel you are starved of creativity and self motivation. It is easy to be de motivated and question your future.

However, it does not need to be this way.

The human spirit is one that is more resilient than you realize, and it takes a few steps to motivate yourself. I will talk about some of these ways here.

9 Ways How to be self motivated during this pandemic:


1. Reduce your news intake.

As much as we live in an interconnected world and you have plenty of access to information, it is easy to get caught up in negativity and fall into a state of despair.

The good news though?

You are in control of your intake. Be honest with yourself, you can choose to listen and watch the 24 hour news channel, visit a multitude of websites and see the despair, or listen to plenty of depressing news on the radio.

Or, you can choose to eliminate the noise by sticking to one news website and visiting for a set period in the day, then do other things. Either way, the ball is in your court, stick with the plan.

2. Check out funny content.

We should be thankful we live in the information age, where we can access content on the internet through a simple search on Google or YouTube.

There are thousands of content creators who make funny content, and entertaining videos that can allow you to learn something in the process, even if they take your mind off current events for a short time, it is worth it.

Begin a process of bookmarking videos and content you enjoy, and return to them when you feel gloomy after watching something terrible on the news.

3. Be mindful of others.

While you might be at lower risk of contracting the virus because of being cooped up in your home, your neighbors and other people around you might not have the same privilege, especially if their immune systems are compromised, or they have to work due to the nature of their job.

Make it a habit to check up on them and see if there is anything they need, provided you are observing the distancing guidelines.

This will not only lift their spirits, but also remind you of the value of human service and give them a hand if they are feeling stressed out.

4. Take this as a chance to support your favorite local entrepreneurs.

Let’s say you are not eager for an opportunity to sit in a crowded restaurant, for example.

Despite this, you might still want to support your favorite restaurant, so that the owner is not forced to lay off staff or close down the business because they cannot afford salaries and other expenses.

Make a point of buying a gift card and giving it to the entrepreneur to help in keeping heir business afloat, and do other acts of kindness like pre paying for a meal for them.

These acts will allow the entrepreneurs around you to celebrate when the pandemic is over, and have a better chance of going back to normalcy.
You can also follow some of the inspirational entrepreneurs who are motivating others in this hard time.

For example, Pravin Shah, an Indian entrepreneur believes that we should always take such times as an opportunity to grow ourselves and focus on our goals.

5. Do not forget your past.

If you thought that the pandemic spells doom for your future, I would encourage you to let go of those thoughts.

As I said earlier, the human spirit is one of resilience, and you can go back to your past and get some much needed encouragement from the things you have survived in the past.

You have gone through some major upheavals in your life, whether it is a difficult childhood, financial meltdowns, natural disasters like floods, and so on, imagine that, you still made it! You are still here!

If you find yourself doubting whether you will survive this, look to everything else you have been through.

6. Send people gifts through mail.

While it may not always be a good idea to drop in to your loved ones and deliver gifts to them, you can always choose to send them something through the mail, like a gift.

These unexpected treats might not seem like much, but they can be valuable encouragement to your friends and family who might be stressed out.

This is particularly helpful for older people, such as those living in nursing homes, as they might feel the pain of isolation.

Help them by encouraging them during these times, and you might find yourself feeling encouraged as well.

7. Do not force yourself to be productive.

It’s ok to be self motivated, but it’s not ok to feel that you are getting behind if you do not stay productive every day. Remember that this is a global pandemic. It’s not a competition.

The whole world is in trauma. And in times of trauma we need time to slow down, to be with ourselves, to heal. There are people who use this time to build a business, to create, to be productive. That’s ok, but you don’t have to.

Use this time instead to be with yourself, to heal. You will see that the more you work on yourself the less effort you will need to force yourself to be motivated and productive. You will naturally be inspired to take action.

8. Do random acts of kindness.

With the previous point in mind, it is important to take this time to extend kindness to people around you, even strangers.

For instance, writing a review of your friend who is a podcast creator, leaving a gift for your delivery person who gets goods for you, and giving your favorite grocery store owner a small token of appreciation.

Some gifts will not need a significant monetary investment, but it makes other people’s days so much better and more bearable.

9. Be thankful.

In these times, it is easy to see all the negativity and forget to be thankful, but make it a point to close your day by acknowledging something positive you learnt or did.

During these times of a global pandemic, you will need some ways to keep up a positive attitude and stay hopeful. The key is to be deliberate in your actions, and do activities that remind you of the good in the world.