How to Know What’s The Right Decision For You 100% of The Time? Stop Listening to Your Feelings, Focus On Your Emotions


What if I told you there is a super computer that can tell you what’s the right decision for you at any time?

Whenever you are in doubt, not knowing what to do, where to go, what to say, who you should hang out with, or trust, this super computer can tell you the right answer with 100% accuracy, all the time. Pretty sci fi right?

Well, it’s not fiction. It is real. And the best part about this super computer, you already have it given to you for free. The problem is that nobody taught you how to use this super computer, or let’s call it a guidance system.

If you are like most people you probably see your emotions as a weight. As something that life can probably be easier without. But oh how wrong you are. If you knew the real use of your emotions, you’d feel like a superhero.

So I am going to reveal something for you here that nobody told you. The emotions are our guidance system that always point us at the right direction to live the best life that we can live.

Each emotion holds a specific message. But nobody learned this language. You either escape or get rid of them. Yet, your emotions are screaming clues to you every day. If you want to learn The Language of Emotions go here.

How to Know What’s The Right Decision For You 100% of The Time?


In this article I will share to you one secret that nobody told you about the difference between emotions and feelings.

Emotions are the real messages. Emotion is how your soul communicates with you, it’s an energy that moves through your being in a manner that affects your body.

You get tensed, you relax, you open up, you shake, you jump. All of these responses are based on the nature of the energy that moves through you. They are all communicating.

Each emotion holds within a specific message about the event that arose it. Each emotion you experience tells you to move toward, to move away, to slow down or double down investing even more energy.

Your emotions are always directing you toward your best possible life. The feelings however, they are products of emotions, but they can also be products of the food you eat, the environment, music, TV, thoughts.

The feelings are short term while emotions are long term. If you are passionate about something you will experience this emotion whenever you confront this thing.

When it comes for feelings, today you might feel like exercising, tomorrow you might feel like not moving from your bed, one day you might be excited about starting a business the other day you might get bored by it.

Feelings are unreliable because they are products of various variables around and within you. Emotions come directly from the truth of your heart, your soul, and this truth is always with you.

For example, if you are passionate about getting in shape and being healthy, feeling great within your body, this is the truth coming from your heart. It’s there much longer than the laziness you feel one day.

And if some day you feel unmotivated to exercise, you need to stop listening to your feelings and listen to the deeper emotion.

Your feelings will come and leave you, they are not your truth, they are not bringing you closer to your ideal life. Your emotions do. If you listen to your feelings you will end up like most people, stuck in a loop while time passes.

Instead listen to your emotions. Learn the language of your emotions and listen to what they are telling you, where they are guiding you. If you learn to simply do this for one whole day, you will be eons ahead of other people.

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