Most Newbies Commit These 6 Common Mistakes While Selecting Vapes


Having a bad habit like smoking takes a toll on your health. But a habit cannot be eradicated completely. It needs to be changed with a positive one.

Changing your bad habits first will demand of you to become aware of them. In this article we speak about vaping, something that many smokers usually take shelter in when they try to get rid of their smoking habit.

In our opinion, there are much healthier options. But if you are one who has chosen vaping, than you should at leas know how to not commit the most common mistakes people make.

The vape accessory industry has seen a sharp rise in its sales for the past five years.

The number of vape shops in a lot of areas has multiplied in these years.

Several individuals are switching to e cigarettes by the day, but these newbies end up committing certain mistakes while choosing vaping accessories. If you are one of them, then you must avoid these little mistakes as they can cost you more than you think.

6 Common Mistakes While Selecting Vapes:


1. No research on quality.

Vaping accessories have varying standards of quality, and selecting one of good quality is really important.

Often, people buy without prior research and end up incurring losses. Since it became popular and widely accepted, various small companies ended up manufacturing low grade devices which prove to be faulty sometimes and even harmful for health.

Cheap pricing brings potential leaks and bad batteries along with it. Due to several faulty cases, avid users have left the vaping resulting in the companies losing loyal customers. It is extremely bad for the business.

2. Insufficient maintenance.

Before buying vaping accessories, you must keep in mind that these are not devices that can be lying around anywhere and still work fine.

These need to be taken care of and maintained, and that is not everybody’s cup of tea.

Not all customers and especially newbies are not careful enough to engage in proper cleaning and maintenance of their devices, which can increase longevity. There is a set of instructions provided with the device to ensure proper maintenance procedures.

3. Incorrect nicotine level.

Nausea and headaches are the most common problems that one may face if they purchase a device with very high nicotine levels.

The wrong amount of nicotine is not advisable. In order to replace your need for tobacco and justify that carving, you need something at least closer to that.

So, low nicotine content will never satisfy your craving and most likely you will go back to smoking cigarettes, a moderate amount of nicotine consumption is essential to get your hit and successfully leave conventional smoking.

4. Having no idea of flavors.

Flavors play an essential role in the experience of vaping. New users need to choose the right kind of flavors that suit them best. It opens up a plethora of options for the newbies.

It is hard quitting conventional smoking, more because there are not really good alternatives out there.

But vaping can solve that if you can make the correct choices. Not every flavor that is available can be good for everyone.

Different individuals have distinct tastes, and it is advised that they read up about flavors beforehand. If not, then they can end up choosing flavors that can seem too intense or faint for them in the beginning.

If you know anybody who is already an avid user, then you must ask them for suggestions.

This most certainly will help. Also, do not try to be very experimental at first by mixing flavors and trying new things. Stick to the basics.

5. Not following coil and filling instructions.

When the device starts getting older, the tanks start accumulating gunk along with carrying burnt spots. Burnt coils are disastrous when it comes to your health, and it also results in fading tastes of the flavors.

That means you will not be able to enjoy your favorite flavors like before due to a decreasing amount of the flavor.

Keep changing the coils from time to time. When filling up the tank, make sure not to fill up the tube at the center.

The liquid should not be reaching that part of the tank. Modern tanks are becoming easier to handle by the day. Most of them are equipped with valves nowadays to make the transfer smooth.

6. Keeping the device in your pockets.

A lot of users have the unsafe habit of putting their vape pens inside their pockets while going out.

They almost forget about it and roam freely. This is a very dangerous practice. Never keep your vaping accessories inside your pocket, especially with the batteries turned on.

The vapor might leak and end up burning. Also, the batteries should not be around any form of metal. The easiest way to prevent this is by buying a vape bag and carrying the device safely.

And note that we are not advising vaping. In our opinion you should take control over your habits and implement ones that are healthy for you and constructive for your character. Stay healthy and stay safe.