The Top 5 Healthy Salad Ideas to Give The Right Nutrients to Your Body


Do you love eating vegetables, fruit and meat salads?

If yes, you’ve come just to the right place.

Today I’m going to be sharing the top 5 healthy salad ideas you can try at home. From Mexican and Mediterranean inspired combos to chicken and vegetable combinations, I’ve outlined some of the most creative and delicious salads you can ever try out.

The best part is that the ingredients you’ll need for any salad are readily available online.

Just order some from your meal delivery service to make some delicious, mouthwatering salads. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Top 5 Healthy Salad Ideas:


1. Chicken Fajita Salad.

Chicken fajita salad is delicious, juicy and flavourful despite being low in calories. This Mexican salad will leave you feeling satisfied and full for longer, thanks to its protein, healthy fats, and fiber nutritional contents. Besides protein, good fats, and dietary fiber, the salad is also a good source of vitamins A, and C. In addition, chicken fajita salad also contains significant amounts of manganese, folate and phosphorus minerals. This calorie deficient delicacy with zero bad fats is great for not only weight loss, but also for stroke, high blood pressure, and heart ailment preventions.

2. Asian Cucumber Salad.

Asian Cucumber salad tastes superb, plus, it’s very refreshing. Going well with almost any meal, this middle east salad can be served alongside grilled fish or chicken for a perfect picnic lunch meal.

Consisting of cucumber, soy sauce, and sesame oil among other ingredients, it’s a good source of a wide variety of essential nutrients hardly present in our regular meals. For example, Asian Cucumber salad is high in Vitamin C, which is necessary for the growth, development, and repair of all body tissues.

It helps with collagen formation, iron absorption, immune system boosting, cartilage bones teeth maintenance, as well as wound healing. Apart from Vitamin C, this salad contains vitamins A, B 6, E, thiamin, and riboflavin.

That’s not to mention essential minerals and acids such as manganese, calcium, phosphorus, zinc, copper, iron, magnesium, niacin, folate, and pantothenic acid. Additionally, it offers dietary fiber, protein, and healthy sugars. Lastly, it’s low in fats and doesn’t have any cholesterol.

3. Chopped Greek Salad.

Fresh, yummy and overflowing with rich Greek flavors, chopped Greek salad makes a perfect lunch or even dinner offering. Consisting of a wide range of ingredients such as fresh vegetables, creamy feta cheese, chickpeas, olives, vinaigrette and Greek lemon, this mouthwatering salad is high in vitamins A, and C.

In addition, it contains incredible amounts of sodium, healthy fats, dietary fiber, and calcium.

For your information, Vitamin A plays an important role in the formation and maintenance of healthy teeth, skeletal tissues, mucus membranes, soft tissues, and the skin.

In addition, it promotes good eyesight by producing the pigments in the retina of the eye.

Vitamin C, on the other hand, helps with the growth, development as well as repair of all body tissues.

Additionally, it takes part in various body functions such as iron absorption, collagen formation, immune system maintenance, wound healing, and bones, cartilage, as well as teeth maintenance.

It goes without saying that chopped Greek salad is low in calories and cholesterol.

For example, the salad contains only 384 calories per serving, which is way below the recommended maximum of 500 calories.

4. Mediterranean Quinoa Salad.

Prepared with a wide variety of herbs, spices, and ingredients, Mediterranean quinoa salad offers a rich, delicious, flavorful taste.

This Mediterranean delicacy consists of chickpeas, feta cheese, quinoa seeds, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, yellow bell and orange bell peppers, red onion, chopped parsley, and red wine vinegar.

Other ingredients include kalamata olives, olive oil, dijon mustard, lemon juice, garlic powder, onion powder, dried oregano, salt, and pepper.

It goes without saying that Mediterranean quinoa salad is high in riboflavin, a vitamin that is essential for growth and overall good health.

For example, the vitamin helps the body break down carbohydrates, proteins, and fats to produce energy. Apart from that, it allows oxygen to be absorbed and transported by red blood cells to various destinations in the body.

Nonetheless, the salad is low in calories with only 336 calories per serving.

Taking its high riboflavin, an essential vitamin that helps with the break down of carbs, and low calorie contents into account, it’s safe to say that Mediterranean quinoa salad can be a good remedy for weight loss among other personal health issues.

5. Tropical Fruit Salad.

Made up of pineapple, mango, papaya, raspberries, kiwi and honey lime, tropical fruit salad is the perfect salad for the summer days. This salad has a refreshing taste and fills you up for longer, making for a great lunch or dinner option.

Plus, it’s very low in calories, hence it makes for a great way to lose weight. A single serving of tropical fruit salad, for instance, contains only 60 calories, however, the salad is high in Vitamin C, not to mention that it also contains some abundant quantities of dietary fiber.

Vitamin C, as you already know, also plays an important role in the growth, development, and repair of all body tissues. Dietary fiber, on the other hand, helps keep the digestive system healthy.

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