How to Find Instructors for Yoga for Cancer Care and Live Better


There are various aspects to cancer care. Whether it’s post diagnosis cancer or post surgery cancer care.

True, the term cancer covers a range of illnesses which can be fatal if timely treatment isn’t applied.

Yet, with proper health and fitness management, there’s no reason why a cancer patient shouldn’t go on to live a long and healthy life.

Yoga is an exercise and health system which originates in the far east. It helps people to experience less fatigue, to sleep better and to reduce stress.

These are very important factors in the rehabilitation of health and therefore ideal for cancer patients.

The Difference Between Women and Men:

Cancer poses one of the biggest threat to women’s health today, as well as men’s health.

But on the positive side, the way cancer brings people face to face with their mortality can have a positive effect on their life in general, provided they survive.

Many survivors take stock of the mistakes they have made regarding their health in the past. It’s well known that women’s self care often goes underground when they are immersed in raising families.

They put themselves and their own needs last on the list. If they are going to survive post cancer life, they need to learn to put themselves first.

That means eating healthy, exercising regularly and most of all, allowing themselves to experience rest and relaxation. The practice of yoga can be a step in the right direction.

Cancer isn’t only a bane to women’s health. Men’s health also suffers. A male cancer survivor has often spent years working way too hard and pursuing career satisfaction, to the detriment of his quality of life.

After a brush with cancer, patients often become dedicated to the pursuit of health and true happiness.

Health is the real wealth. Taking time to ensure correct dietary habits and spend time with loved ones is so worth it.

As is pursuing an exercise system that improves your life in a gentle, healthy manner. But Yoga shows better results when it comes to stress relief, mood improvement and aligning body and mind.

How Yoga Helps You to Live Better With Cancer:

Yoga helps you to live better with cancer. Not only because it helps the patients to feel much better, but because it’s been proven to reduce the likelihood of a cancer reoccurrence.

This is as true for the recently diagnosed sufferer as it is for the cancer survivor.

Many survivors describe the illness as the wake up call that changed their lives.

Post surgery cancer care has made it possible for many to redress the imbalances in their health care and go on to spend the next few years enjoying great health and a fuller, happier life.

Yoga is practice that reduces stress and increases energy. It boosts positive emotions and improves the mood of the practitioner. All of these things can help anyone to live a better life.

But Yoga help much more when it comes to stress relief than for example exercise. And the best thing about Yoga is that you align the body and the mind.

If you find hard to find yoga instructors you can use the internet to look for the best ones.

Best ways to find Yoga Instructors without much effort:


1. Outreach for yoga instructors online.

As we said, you can use the internet to help yourself find yoga instructors that are close to you.

Just by searching for yoga instructors you will be given results of many individuals who are located near you.

When you find the ones you would like to schedule a class with just contact them, explain your situation and book your class with them.

Most of them, if not all, will be more than happy to give you additional practice if you want.

2. Use fitness apps.

If you want to make things even easier you can find many apps that can help you find yoga instructors.

There is an app for example called Gymcatch. This app is designed for fitness management companies to communicate with their customers and users.

However, it has yoga instructors and you can easily communicate directly to them and schedule when best suits you.

There are various features on the app to help users to book the class of their choice. It can also let them know which classes or sessions their friends have booked, making it possible for them to attend classes and sessions with their friends with great ease. This gives a sense of community.

There are different types of fitness management systems, of which yoga is one. So, obviously, there’s a yoga class booking system on this scheduling software too. Once yoga is a part of a cancer patient’s fitness routine, they can use the app to get the best out of their classes.

For people pursuing fitness through yoga, particularly people who have suffered from setbacks such as cancer, this app offers an easy way with which to connect and organize their health and fitness regimen.

3. Join Yoga groups online.

There are many Yoga groups on Facebook and you can join them. When you join these groups you can get so much knowledge about Yoga and helpful tips about different exercises.

However, you can use these groups to find instructors as many of them promote their business inside.

When you find these Yoga Instructors just write them a comment on their promotional post, or contact them directly.

This way you will not just find a big number of instructors, but you will also be part of bigger community that shares the same hobby as you.

And inside these groups you can usually find extremely helpful pieces of knowledge that you would not have known before.

So even if you do not find an instructor you can learn much about Yoga by joining Yoga groups and communities online and on social media. You can start there. Or you can use all of the tips, look online and search the web, use apps like Gymcatch, and join online groups and communities. With these you will find the instructor that’s most suitable for you. So try them all.