Comparison About What is Better Liposuction or Tummy Tuck


Most of the world is obsessed with looking good. That’s why most people exercise. However, being fit is the real reward and getting rid of that extra weight is not just for appearance, it’s also healthy.

If you’ve been trying to get rid of that final bit of stomach fat, or if you’ve lost weight recently and have been left with an unsightly layer of saggy skin, you may be considering getting plastic surgery.

If you read our articles you know that we strongly advise everyone to follow the path of discipline and necessary work to gain their results naturally. However, some people really need some form of extra help.

The stomach is a very common problem area for many women and men. However, there’s quite a lot of confusion about the difference between liposuction and a tummy tuck.

If you’re struggling to decide which type of surgery is best for you, this article will help you to weigh out the pros and cons of each. We will compare these two solutions so you can see what is better.

What is Better Liposuction or Tummy Tuck:



Liposuction is an extremely popular type of plastic surgery, with more than 300,000 procedures performed every year in the United States. It can help get rid of excess fat almost anywhere on the body, including the stomach.

What to expect:

The procedure involves several small incisions around the area of excess fat in the body.

The surgeon will then insert a thin tube under the skin that will break up the fat cells, and using a small vacuum, he sucks out this dislodged fat, resulting in a flatter, more toned stomach.

The results of this procedure are usually permanent, unless you happen to gain a significant amount of weight in the future.

After the procedure, you may be required to wear a compression garment to help minimize swelling.

You should be able to resume physical activity within two days, although strenuous activity should be avoided for several weeks.

What are the benefits:

Liposuction is preferable to the tummy tuck if your only concern is excess fat.

The tummy tuck is a far more invasive surgery with much longer downtime.

Liposuction also doesn’t tend to leave noticeable scars, while the tummy tuck does.

For a less painful and less intensive procedure, liposuction is definitely the best choice.

What are the downsides:

Numbness, Contour irregularities, or an asymmetrical shape, Fluid accumulation, Possibility of Infection.

Tummy Tuck.

A tummy tuck usually aims to produce a similar result to liposuction, but the method is vastly different. With a tummy tuck, the surgeon may remove excess skin in addition to excess fat. In more serious surgeries, they may even realign the abdominal muscles.

What to expect:

In a tummy tuck procedure, the surgeon will cut across the bikini line and remove excess fat as well as any excess skin. In full abdominoplasty procedures, the surgeon will also realign the abdominal muscles if they have separated.

This surgery is performed with the patient under a general anesthetic. Downtime can involve quite a lot of discomfort for many patients.

You’ll likely be kept in the hospital for a few days after the procedure. Your doctor will likely give you a pressure garment.

You’ll need to arrange for someone to drive you home and stay with you for at least 24 hours after being discharged.

The overall downtime for the tummy tuck procedure can be up to 6 weeks long.

Most health professionals will recommend that you take several weeks off work and exercise. Finally, the procedure usually requires a follow up appointment several weeks into the downtime.

What are the benefits:

Compared to liposuction, a tummy tuck can actually make your stomach look more toned.

It can also tackle loose, droopy skin around the stomach, while liposuction doesn’t tackle any skin issues.

For this reason, this procedure is common for patients who have severe stretch marks after pregnancy or who have lost lots of weight and have excess skin remaining.

What are the downsides:

A long scar across the lower stomach, Difficulty standing up straight, Numbness in the stomach, Red, raised scars for several weeks after the operation.

What is Better?

Both the tummy tuck and liposuction aim for similar results. The tummy tuck may end up giving you toned, realigned stomach muscles. Both procedures will result in defined stomach contouring and reduced stomach fat.

Liposuction is only able to tackle excess pockets of fat that don’t respond to diet and exercise regimes. The tummy tuck can also address excess droopy skin and even abdominal diastasis, the separation of the abdominal muscles.

The tummy tuck is far more invasive and intense, especially the full abdominoplasty, which involves realigning the abdomen muscles and readjusting the belly button. Liposuction usually takes one to four hours, while the tummy tuck can take up to six hours. Both procedures are typically performed under a general anesthetic.

Downtime always depends on the intensity of the procedure. However, liposuction surgeries tend to involve a much shorter period of downtime. Most liposuction patients can return to their normal routine within two weeks, while patients who have had a tummy tuck can be incapacitated for up to 6 weeks.

Because the tummy tuck is a more intense, invasive procedure, it also comes with more risks. These include scarring, pain, swelling, and difficulty standing. With liposuction, the risks are milder, and scarring is less likely to be a concern.

Choosing to get one of these operations is a serious decision that requires careful thought and consideration. One of your most important decisions will be where to place your trust. Finding an excellent plastic surgeon will make your entire surgery process more manageable and calmer.

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Make sure you find a doctor you trust. Your surgeon will be able to give you a detailed explanation of how the procedure you choose will affect your own body. Be sure to check the reviews for your surgeon to make sure their reputation precedes them.

Before you decide anything first consult with a professional doctor. We highly advise to try and rid of that extra weight naturally, with good healthy diet and regular exercise. This way you will create an identity that is fit not just a body. And this identity will keep you in shape.