The Sophisticated Dude’s 6 Simple Steps for the Perfect Smile


When a guy wants to impress a girl, there’s a lot of stuff that he has to do. Most of the time, the typical, unknowing guy often goes for the hair, the clothes, and shoes.

However, most men usually skip a lot of essential things such as hygiene and health.

Dudes often forget how important these things are and realize it at the end of a horrible date.

When you’re healthy and clean, everything else will follow. Now that we’ve established that, we have to be very specific on the parts that we need to show to impress. One thing most girls like is your smile.

The perfect smile should knock a fine lady off of her feet the moment you show it. Getting a smile like that isn’t easy, but it also isn’t impossible. Here’s how to get that killer smile.

6 Simple Steps for the Perfect Smile:


1. Regularly Brushing Your Teeth.

From the time you were a kid, your parents always stressed the importance of having a healthy set of teeth. Hopefully, you still know that lesson now that you’re an adult.

Always brush your teeth after waking up, brush your teeth after every meal, and brush just once before going to bed for good measure.

When you brush your teeth, use bristles that aren’t hard enough to injure your gums and aren’t soft enough to not do the job properly.

Also, use a good toothpaste that can whiten your teeth.

Don’t forget to clean your toothbrush after every use, you wouldn’t want a dirty brush the next time you brush your teeth.

2. Floss.

You’ll agree with me that a lot of people always stress the importance of brushing your teeth but end up forgetting just how important flossing is. Always floss your teeth after brushing, especially after meals.

Flossing enables you to remove small food particles in your teeth that an ordinary toothbrush can’t reach.

Never use any other material for flossing other than dental floss.

Not only does flossing remove nasty gunk on your teeth, but it also stimulates and strengthens your gums to become more healthy.

If you have problems with your gums, if they hurt or bleed, maybe you should look for help. Find the best periodontist close to you to check your mouth health and see how you can improve it.

3. Taking Care of Your Tongue.

Most guys do not take good care of this part of their mouth.

As horrible as it sounds, most guys brush their teeth and floss properly yet they forget to take care of their tongue.

When you brush your teeth, it’s always important that you include cleaning your tongue.

Believe it or not, food can get stuck on your tongue which can eventually cause bad breath.

Use a tongue cleaner and slowly scrape any food particles that are sticking to it.

Don’t rinse with strong mouthwash as it’ll irritate your tongue.

Using plain tap water or a specially formulated mouthwash is enough to do the trick.

4. Brace Yourself.

Let’s face it, the perfect smile has to have the ideal set of teeth.

Although some people possess an “anatomically perfect” set of chompers, most of us don’t.

One way to get straight, healthy teeth is by getting corrective braces on them.

Braces and retainers prevent your teeth from being crooked, limit over and underbites, and can also relieve the stress on your jaw caused by imperfect bites.

Getting a brace may be difficult at first but it’ll be worth it in the end once you remove them.

5. Have Good Breath.

What’s the use of a killer smile when your breath can literally kill off positive impressions? Always put importance in having fresh breath.

Sometimes, having just a set of perfectly white teeth isn’t enough to pull off a fantastic smile.

6. Take Care of Your Health.

There’s slightly an off chance that somewhere out there, a dude is wondering why he still has bad breath and dirty looking teeth despite doing the things mentioned above.

He may have overlooked something important, His overall health. Your teeth often reflect the state of your health.

When your teeth don’t seem to cooperate with your clean habits, it may be wise to take a look at your health.

Are you free of any illness? Are you a heavy smoker? Are you eating the right food? Do you exercise? Always be healthy in and out, and your teeth will follow suit.

Sometimes, guys don’t even need words to impress a lady. Given that he has the looks and style, good grooming and a smile is what it takes to either make or break a positive first impression on a guy.

Imagine a man wearing a formal suit, complete with clean shoes, and an impressive swiss military watch only to ruin his look with a smile that’s full of unhealthy teeth. Avoid the embarrassment and take care of your teeth and gums.