The 11 Simple Don’ts to Live a Happy and Content Life


Serenity and contentment. These are the known answers in our vindicated life that most of us just cannot clinch.

I believe we are destined to live a joyous experience, but that does not mean we won’t face struggles along the way.

However, that also doesn’t mean we can’t turn anguish to euphoria.

We will repeatedly be challenged in our lives just to be happy, regardless of whatever is our situation or predicament.

Read on for some simple tips that will guide you in quenching your thirst for the constant pursuit of happiness.

11 Simple Don’ts to Live a Happy Life:


1. Don’t Doubt Yourself.

Too much of questioning yourself is harmful to your mental health.

It will only lead us to believe in wrong things, which could worsen if regularly exercised.

Life is full of challenges that will make you question your abilities, but being strong despite the obstacle will help you strive towards success.

2. Don’t Dwell on the Past.

You cannot revise history, focusing on something without resolution will only contribute to your sorrow.

Also, focusing excessively on the past does not grant you to aim for the future. Your life is designed to move forward, not backward.

3. Don’t Compare Yourself to Others.

Be wise, comparing your life to others will only do you no positive outcome.

You do not know what their story is all about, and of course, they do not know yours.

If you want to see how distant you have come, just take a look back and realize where you started, then compare it with your current status. By doing so, you will know your breakthroughs and accomplishments in life.

Together, it will enlighten your sense of achievement and will promote your well being.

4. Don’t Stay Stagnant.

In life, there are situations where even the strongest people are knocked down on the ground.

From there, it’s up to them if they’ll stay there or rise to the challenge.

Don’t stay stagnant and try to look for more positive things in life. You can start doing something fun or you can do something productive such as investing in a business.

Even if you think you need to start from the very basics like reading investing for dummies, and your very own business is a waste of time, it’s worth to take a chance and learn through experience.

Be strong and talk with other people so you can become happy and successful in the long run.

5. Don’t Fear Failure.

Think about your passions in life, do not let your failure stop you, and learn to own them. Consider your failures as lessons and find the ways you can learn, acknowledge shortcomings as they teach you how to live the best way possible.

You are the chief of your happiness, do not focus on things that make you unhappy. If you do not find the inspiration in work or love anymore, change paths and let it go.

6. Don’t Blindly Follow Others.

Honestly, do what your heart tells you to and follow your instinct as it is the best mentor that you could ask. Stop following others aimlessly and concentrate on the things that really make you happy.

7. Don’t Let Any Undesirable Event Affect Your Day.

Unpleasant things happen to everyone. Trivial things can bother us, and for some reason, we just naturally know how to channel that pessimistic energy within our system.

Learn to let go of the things that do not matter to you and embrace the things that do.

The less time you spend on negative thinking, the more you make yourself accessible for more favorable events.

8. Don’t Ignore the Little Joys.

We are given 24 hours a day for a lifetime. Within that period, something pleasant will inevitably happen.

A baby that is smiling at you, a cute puppy playing with you, beautiful weather, and all the other small things.

Even if only for a short moment, learn to show appreciation for the little things to pace yourself in recognizing positive moments one at a time.

9. Don’t Blame and Hate.

Cease blaming people for your misfortunes in life. Exercise forgiveness and exercise patience.

As we mature, we become wiser. Embrace your failures the same way you embrace your achievements.

Stop hating people and learn to forgive them for their mistakes. You have your set of drawbacks like others, learn to accept the flaws of others.

By allowing this, you will free your soul from the strains of other’s faults that you have been carrying with you all this time.

As a result, you will feel high spirited and will appreciate the happiness that encloses you.

10. Don’t Forget Your Family.

When available, attend family gatherings, these are the people who have seen you become who you are now.

They are the people who naturally know you. You do not have to elaborate every time you talk, they do not judge you, and most of all, they love you.

In the end, no matter how far we have come, we will look back and miss the place where we began.

11. Live in The Present Moment.

All the suffering comes from not being mentally in the present moment. Overthinking, worry and thinking of the past are all causes of not being present.

In reality, the present moment is all there is. Everything else is either a memory or a fantasy of your mind.

Memories are distorted and fantasies are not always exact. However, the thing is that you cannot do anything about them, nor they can do to you, if you do not let them.

You are here and now in the present moment, and from here and now you have the power to make a real change. You can give different meaning to memories and change the fantasies you want to make real.

But all that ever is and ever will be is the present moment. Bring your mind to the present moment and you will find where real happiness was hidden all along.

Life is neither a sprint nor a race. It’s a dance, a song. It’s not about getting somewhere, it’s about playing and having fun.

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