6 Ways How to Save Money with Vape


Vaping devices are a controversial question nowadays. The tools capture the attention of people all around the world. Vaping is more than just a type of entertainment.

People use vapes for various reasons. One of the most long-standing myths is that vaping devices are a healthy alternative to usual regular cigarettes.

However, the reality is quite different. It is scientifically proven that vaping can cause particular damage to a person’s health. In addition, some chemical elements from e liquid can trigger cancer development.

These elements are called cancer genes. The other harms from vaping device consumption are health issues connected to respiratory, digestive, cardiovascular systems.

It is essential to understand that there is no ‘harmless stuff’, even the best vape pen cannot be entirely safe for your health. The easiest way to avoid possible health issues is to give up vape pens consumption.

6 Ways to Save Money with Vape:


If we talk about money, it is important to understand that despite being more expensive than regular cigarettes, even the best vape pens are to be used for a number of times.

This means that you can use one vape pen https://vapingdaily.com/best-vape-pens/ for years instead of buying packs of cigarettes every couple of days.

To get into more details, you have to make simple calculations.

Making vaping more budget friendly is a question because people always tend to cut their expenses.

Humans love buying new things and wasting money in general.

When they start a new habit, it is on top needs for a while, but later, people prefer to make this habit less money losing.

1. Vaping Already Saves You More Than Smoking.

By using a vaping device, you already start saving your money. You spend a lot just when buying the device itself, but then, when you just buy e liquid, the expenses are less than you would spend if you use regular cigarettes.

It also concerns the people who try to find out a solution for getting out of being in the red. If they cannot afford to smoke, they switch to vaping.

If you try to count the expenses for vaping in comparison to this of a regular cigarette during the year, you will be surprised.

Still, the use of a vape pen might be of the same cost, but when you take two years, for example, you will see the strong tendency to spend less and less money.

It happens because after you have bought a vape pen of high quality, you will buy only a bottle of e liquid for approximately a week.

In any case, this is cheaper than the constant purchase of cigarettes.

2. Be Considerate About Your E liquid.

People often put too much liquid into the vape pen tank. It is better to observe how much liquid you need first and then use the defined dose.

Do not forget that the liquid that you use is completely ok. Constant desires to try new tastes are not right. Try a few and define the ones you like most.

Sometimes it is better to buy the simplest one, which is cheaper, and create your own one, but do not do it unless you know how to do the liquid and if you are sure that the experiment will succeed.

The other, the more realistic method is to buy the liquid on sales or to look for a cheaper shop.

Buying e liquids in bigger bottles is also an excellent method to cut down expenses.

3. Make Your Own Coil.

Any, either the worst or best vape pen for e liquid, needs coil to function correctly.

Coil’s primary function is to heat the liquid and create vapor. Coils might be on the blink with time.

People then need to buy new ones. However, here comes the moment when you can get some leftover funds.

The first option is to create the coil yourself if you are an experienced vape pens user and understand how to do it.

Secondly, to read the reviews. Sometimes it is better to buy a more expensive coil once than to change it every couple of months.

The correctly chosen coil might also save your vape liquid expense.

4. Take Good Care of It.

Buying a new vape pen might seem expensive. It means that you have to fix your device in case something has happened, which also takes money.

The recommendation here is to use only liquids of high quality, do not put, for instance, wax in the vape pen for e liquid, and so on.

You have to be sustainable in relation to your device. Do not forget to take care of it.

5. Clean It at The Right Time.

Do not expose it to falls, hits, and so on. It is better to read the manual to your vape pen and stick to it.

Try to imagine that your vape is like your car.

You would never like to leave your car somewhere, not in the garage.

When it has a problem, you hurry to fix it, the same with vape pens.

Any device likes being looked after.

6. Plan Your Expenses.

It is always better to plan your budget. It concerns vaping as well. Try to find half an hour a week to clean up your financial status.

Take account of your income and expenses, plan to buy expensive items in advance.

Try to map out the things that you need most as food, transport, maintenance bill, and so on. Spend money on them first.

Then figure out how much you need to put aside and how much is left for sundries.

Vaping is included in the last category. It is not an objection against vaping, just logically this brings no use to your health.

Being a vaper has several drawbacks. When most people talk about health issues, we have to remind you that it also needs some money. You have to be ready to cut some expenses for other things in order to afford to vape.

We do not advise nor promote vaping. In our opinion vaping is a bad habit. In this article we just share some advices how you can save money even with having this habit. If you can get rid of this habit and replace it with something as exercise or something that can even earn you additional income, that would be the best and smartest option.