How To Unlock The 4 Doors Of Your Superhuman Potential


You have more within you that you can possibly imagine. Right now, reading this, you are thinking that you know how much potential you have. But you don’t! You have no idea.

Our potential is almost infinite, possibly even infinite, and nobody can ever realize their full potential. That’s a beautiful thing because you can always grow. You can always reach new levels.

However, most people even cannot imagine how little of their potential they actually use. Most people believe they are pushing themselves forward, that they are reaching goals, but they are not transforming really.

They keep themselves busy with busy work, they get that dopamine spike that you get after completing tasks, but at the end of the day they are just spinning in the same wheel they have created for themselves.

They are not growing. They are not evolving. And it takes so little, just a couple of steps in the right direction, even asking yourself the right questions, that will move you levels higher in your life. But here we talk about evolving into a Superhuman and to do that you need to unlock 4 doors.

The 4 Doors of Your Superhuman Potential:


1. Stronger Foundation of Your Pillars.

As humans, we have 4 main pillars. The Spirit, The Mind, The Body, The heart or the spiritual, mental, physical and emotional aspect of your beingness. These pillars create the foundation that we grow on.

Whenever one of these pillars is suppressed and underused, one of the other 3 pillars compensates for the lack of attention. This imbalance manifests in every segment of your life, from family, home, relationships and business to your health, the people you attract in your life, the opportunities that show up and present to you.

In order to achieve a stronger balance of these 4 main pillars, you must evaluate what pillar are you neglecting and what pillar compensates for it. You can take a Free Test here. After you know your Unique Balance Status, then you redirect all the attention to the neglected pillar.

If you are too spiritual and low on the physical you learn how to ground yourself, how to implement habits, start exercising. If you are too emotional and low on the mental, you should learn how to observe your emotions, how to question them, analyze them. If you are too physical and low on the emotional pillar, you dance, you integrate more play and fun in your life.

Of course, there is much more to each of these examples, but you get the main point. There are 12 possible results. Get your balance evaluation and follow the journey to balance prescribed uniquely to you.

The main work is to redirect the attention you habitually give mostly to one of these pillars into the pillar you neglect. And this means taking outward action. This means that you rearrange the pieces of your life, you change the priorities and you create a way of living that gives equal attention to all 4 of your pillars.

This is just the first step. To create a strong and balanced foundation you must discover the inner blockages to each of these pillars. When one of the pillars is responsible for most of your reality, then it means it compensates for another pillar you suppress. Diving into each of these 4 pillars, discovering their uniqueness and unleashing the superpower each of them gives you is how you create a strong balance and foundation for growth.

2. Higher Levels of Energy.

You cannot upgrade to become a Superhuman by living with the same levels of energy like most of the world. You must increase your levels of energy and this can be done in 3 crucial steps.

First step is to remove everything that is draining your energy. From unhealthy food that takes a lot of your energy to be processed to toxic people, and addictions.

Second, you need to clean your energy centers. Remove the obstacles of your energy. The biggest obstacles of your energy are around your energy centers. That’s why you need to make regular energy hygiene a habit.

Face and release your fears, forgive yourself and others and let go of guilt, shame, grief, become aware of the lies you are telling yourself and the honesty you are not sharing with the world, of the illusions you let control your life, of the attachments that no longer serve you, and let them go, release these energetical obstacles.

The third is to take action towards things that give you more energy than they take. Eat healthier food, exercise, follow your passions, surround with people you love and admire, do acts of kindness, show love.

When you remove the wasters of energy, clean your energy centers and take action towards energy rewarding things, you will triple the energy levels you experience in 24h.

If this newly acquired energy stands on a solid foundation you will be able to direct it toward growth and personal evolution. You will be able to pour it unto all of the segments in your life in a balanced way. If you have imbalanced foundation, more energy will just increase the imbalance as it will spill over to one pillar more than the other. That’s why it’s crucial to balance your pillars first before you increase the levels of your energy.

3. Greater Real Power.

The first thing that most people imagine when we speak about power is not real power. The power of governments, people high in hierarchies is not real power based on love, it’s power based on fear and control.

Real power comes from love and you can only discover it when you discover your real self. This, however, is not as simple of a journey as you might think while reading this article.

Getting to the center of your labyrinth and discovering who is the one reading this text right now is more about finding out who you are not, and letting go of all those identities you have accumulated.

This means facing your shadows, your greatest fears, your opposite characters, your identities, personalities, traits you have embodied and accepted as being you. Facing all of this and letting it go, as it is not the real you.

When you let go of everything that is not you, all you are left with is the purest form of you, the you without labels, without definitions. This is the real you and you can only experience it when you unlearn everything you have learned about yourself.

When you discover, actually, when you remind yourself of who you really are, then you will get a sense of your real power. This power does not come from having anything, or from being someone, or from achievements, it comes straight from your heart, it comes from your love, from the truth of who you are. This is real power because nobody and nothing can take it away from you. It is you.

Being at the center of this power, having your energy increased and a strong, balanced foundation, only then you are able to take a step beyond, to transcend and evolve into Superhuman.

4. Further Evolution.

In order to take that next step and evolve further you will need to dive deep into your core and discover your SUPER. Let us help you will all of this process, Balancing your pillars, Increasing your energy, Gaining real power, and Evolving into SUPERHUMAN by getting into our Superhuman Upgrade program right now!

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