The 5 Best tips to eating your way to good health


While the internet is filled with various diet formats and workout routines for people to adapt to for losing weight or build muscles. There isn’t anything as effective as eating right.

While the diet fads and treacherous workout routines are bound to leave you tired, hungry and doubtful, the goodness of good health lies in being conscious of your choices and about harsh workout routines and diets.

The secret to being healthy is to maintain a lifestyle that supports good health. And eating right is one of the best ways to good health. It’s time to go back to the basics and understand that good health is a lifelong journey and not a quarterly goal.

A well balanced and nutritious diet is the foundation on which your body is built. It is important to provide the body with the right nutrition to help it function well and boost metabolism.

Be it about adapting to a diet consisting of fresh vegetables, fruits, dairy products, or the supplements that build up a healthy appetite and provide nutrition, keep an eye on the macro and micronutrients on the products before you buy them. Animal Pak for example is something we started using. It’s an extremely healthy supplement to add to diet for universal nutrition and energy. Add nutritive foods to your diet consciously to adapt to good health.

5 Best tips to eating for good health:


1. Replace processed food with fresh ingredients.

Research has it that processed food tend to lose their nutritional value. On the other hand, fresh fruits, vegetables, are loaded with nature’s goodness and are best when consumed in raw form. Rather than picking up processed meat, frozen vegetables, canned fruits or packaged snacks opt for fresh and natural ingredients. Add more fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and fresh ingredients to your diet to see the difference.

2. Skip added sugar.

Sugar is a form of carbohydrate found naturally in fruits, vegetables, and is a source of energy for the body. But refined sugar, also called with names like white sugar, added sugar, are plain calories. Skip the food that contains added sugar as it leads to a spike in blood sugar levels and calorie overload. Food like milk, yogurt, almonds, fruits, vegetables, contains enough sugar content in them to support our body system.

3. Boost immunity and metabolism with healthy eating.

Boosting metabolism and immunity can be as simple as following a diet that feeds the body right. Add more of healthy soups filled with herbs and drink up more water to boost energy. Supplements like animal cuts help reduce the body fat by improving metabolism while building up an appetite. Feed on healthy immunity boosters like turmeric, gooseberry, tulsi or holy basil, ginger, garlic to keep yourself away from diseases.

4. Give snacking a break.

Snacking is an unhealthy habit making you binge on processed and packaged food at odd hours of the day. Snacking on unhealthy food can lead to digestion problems, high carbs, excessive calories and more. Curb your urge to snack during the day. Maintain a proper diet with ample gap between two meals to let the body digest and function well. Whenever possible skip the processed snacks with bowls of fruits to satisfy your cravings.

5. Try cooking at home.

The food from restaurants tends to be oily, high in carbs and cannot be vouched for healthy ingredients. Cooking at home ensures that you keep a check on the goodness of the ingredients, make mindful choices and customize your diet as per needs. Home cooked food is the secret to maintaining good health.

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