4 Rare Natural Soothing Teas You Probably Don’t Know About


There is certainly something relaxing even about the thought of having a good cup of tea. The right cup of tea has the power to boost your immune system and increase your energy level.

Every cup of tea is packed with vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. Furthermore, with so many varieties of teas in the market, there is something for every person. But you must find the types of tea that will suit you.

Just think of something and google will provide you with a list of products. However, there are many healthy teas we don’t know about and because they are not mainstream, it’s really hard to even know about them.

The market is flooded with weight loss teas and those that help in keeping you active for the rest of the day. Seldom will you come across rare and real health promoting teas in a grocery store.

In this article, we will guide you through a list of healthy teas you probably haven’t heard of. From insomnia to different kinds of allergies, healthy teas have the power to treat such issues.

4 Natural Soothing Teas You Don’t Know:

1. Stinging Nettle.

Rare Natural Soothing Teas Stinging Nettle

If you are suffering from high fever, stinging nettle tea can improve your health. This tea is famous because it boosts the immune system and reduces the level of the body’s histamine. This means, once you drink this tea, you will easily be able to get rid of frequent sneezing, coughing and itchiness on your skin. This tea doesn’t cause drowsiness of any kind. Stinging nettle has a sweet smell, and it can also be made better by adding mint, depending on the individual’s taste preferences. You can get your good quality, organic and non GMO Stinging Nettle here.

2. Kratom Tea.

Rare Natural Soothing Teas Kratom Tea

Are you surprised to hear about this? Kratom is a tropical herb that has no medical benefits, yet is used by many people for making different beverages. People who drink kratom tea claim it provides relaxation to the mind for long time and also treats muscle pains. If you want to make kratom tea you must get a quality kratom powder. You can buy good quality kratom powder from the golden monk as it is something we have tested. Kratom tea is a major item in South Florida bars, it is as cheap as $7 per cup.

3. Tulsi Tea.

Rare Natural Soothing Teas Tulsi Tea

Tulsi tea is regarded by many as “the queen of all herbs”. This plant is cliché in India and is said to boost stamina. South Asians love this tea because it also improves the skin tone. Experts say that this tea can be used as an alternative for conventional tea and coffee. Tulsi is a major South Asian plant that is consumed for various reasons. Its use as a coffee is just one part of it. This tea is considered to be one of the best teas for dealing with anxiety and stress because of its relaxing and calming effects. Drink a cup of Tulsi tea before you appear for your job interview and leave the other applicants without a chance. Get your organic and Non GMO Tulsi Tea here.

4. Dandelion Tea.

Rare Natural Soothing Teas Dandelion Tea

Most people drink dandelion coffee and must have never heard of dandelion tea. This tea is ideal for weight loss and has many other health benefits. Dandelion tea is ideal for people who are suffering from insomnia. It has great amount of anti oxidants that help in improving the skin. You can drink a cup of dandelion tea just before going to bed if you want to sleep well. So next time you’re in need of coffee, just try drinking a cup of dandelion tea. It’s much healthier.

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